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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The news are all over it...
The most recent one would be a China Press news on 20th June 2006.
In fact, they have been running a series of news on a direct selling scheme
which is no doubt 99% similar to what DCHL/SYN is...
But even before that, it is The Sun that picked up the gist on the 19th.

(copied from Anti)

Come on, the ministry is doing something over this... from a source.
The Low Yat: Lampe Berger Issues has been a hot place of talk...
On JoshuaTeoh, heated debate has been going on... Don't miss it..


A Singaporean sang this song below...

You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better watch out and I’m telling you why…

Lampe Berger is coming to town… LOL

What a funny piece of advice..!!

Even all this, Shan would still like to stick on the border line on this issue.

The culture they are trying to cultivate is slowly destroying the people...
I had a talk with my friend on people losing in World Cup bets..

NPM : Hey, where is my money and my CAMERA!!
LBH : Camera? wait la.. let me camwhore abit can or not?
Money? oh.. it is with me.. come n collect it.. today n tmr
NPM : huh why must separate two days?
LBH : because i took out my cash over the limit already..!! and u said
can kau tim with u anytime..?
NPM : no la.. fren "chau" (burned) in World Cup...
LBH : He bought the wrong "cup" is it? he went for D cup instead of A?
Ask him join LB la.. sure earn back wan..
NPM : PLEASE LA!.. they are brothers and sisters.. eat people's money!
LBH : No comment..!!

Well, true.. not made up..
Let's see how long is this news gonna stay on..
I just spammed the media with another round of e-mail again...
Hope their eyes can see better..


Dexter said...

This the best and most informative single message about Lampe Berger, please delete the Singapore part and e-mail to others....

Please see if you find this useful and of any use: I cannot stand them anymore !!(Extracted from Sgforum)

Sometime next month, a Company selling the French fragrance products by the name of Lampe Berger will be holding a grand seminar in Sentosa Island to revive their business in Singapore.(note, this time they change the name to SYN(Steven Yeam Network) to give it a fresh start.
They have successfully revived their business in Malaysia targeting on young students and graduates. Recently a few Malaysian newspapers have published complaints by parents about how their children got brainwashed by them and refused to listen from their parents and some even thought of leaving school to go full time in the business. Today's(June 18th) Malaysia China Press have a front page headline news about it. Such news will not affect their business but even helped and motivate their distributors who are all young, naive and rebellious to work harder for it.
They are organising more than 1,000 active young Malaysian agents to come to Singapore together next month to revive their Singapore sales by recruiting younsters. If you have any young adults in your family or young friends, caution them ahead. These are some of their tricks used in recruitment:
a) They will never tell the prospects what products they are selling during the 1st or 2nd business preview. The most they mentioned are "branded goods from France" and the name "LV"
b) They will say products are not important but making money and business is the main aim.
c) A fleet of BMWs and sport cars will be driven and parked together to impress the prospects.
d) They will remind their prospects NOT to tell anyone else until they have joined and paid up because outsiders will not understand their business and tend to give negative effects.
e) If anyone tell them they heard negative feedback from outsiders or any ex-members who left, they will say, "who should you learn from ? The successful ones like us or those failure ones ?"
f) When it come to the products, they will only boost of their over 100 years history in France but they will not tell you that in US and Europe, they are sold as fragrance and perfumes only(check the websites) at only 1/3 of the prices here and NOT as essential oils or aromatherapy products claimed by them.
g) They will use a lot of their successfuyl members all well dressed in suits to impress their prospects but they will not tell you that out of every 1 successful, at least another 50 have lost their money and left.
h) They will not tell you the products are simply unpractical and troublesome to use. In fact a check in the websites showed the product is even dangerous. An explosion occured and someone in Taiwan got killed. HK TVB news also made a research and condemned them for cheating but their Company defended by telling their members that HK TVBS already "apologised" to them for the mistake and they forgave them.
i) They will also tell you that some of their fragrance bottles are collectors' items and can appreciate like antiques in future. In order to make you believe, they even display a few units for bidding and obviously their insiders and top-earners will jack up the price to make it believable.
j) They will tell you that you can get a refund up to 90% if you decide to return the unsold stock but most people managed to get back less than half because MOST items are not returnable. They will not tell you fully all which items are not refundable. Most people got caught and lost money because of this trap.
k) They even have lawyers and well-known people among them to give business talk so people tend to believe them easily and don't suspect that they have many "hidden" clauses in their contract.
l) Their business plan is designed in a manner to trick you to purchase the stock in someone else's name(for easier promotion) so that when it comes to return and refund, you will not be able to do it conveniently.
m) They will use their top-earner, a Malaysian by the name of Steven Yeam who is mostly based in HK now to act like a god or cult figure so that more people will adore and follow him blindly.
n) Once you joined, they will have many ways to make you pay more money. Even attending their talk or training, you need to pay. They will not tell you when they invite you. Upon arriving or halfway, they will make you pay.
o) They will make some big donation to some place and make a big publicity out of it to gain support and confidence from the public.
p) They use very high figures and discounts to attract you to buy more stock. Up to as much as 40%. Most people find it diffiult to sell off later.
q) They use lies to motivate their members and prospects. Some examples used are: "They will get listed soon in Malaysia""They will get the Singapore government to close Orchard Road for their rally and also loan them 20 helicopters to sentosa Island""They bought some share or joint-venture with Louis Vuitton in France", etc.
r) They will even deny themselves as MLM or direct-selling. They called themselves as a "new" franchise marketing system, leading many shopowners to get involved 2 or 3 years ago.
They will have a lot of new tricks and tactics to close a deal and those mentioned above are just a few. So do not underestimate them. Please take it seriously and if you have any friends, please e-mail or inform them with this message before they are victimised. Last I heard of, their Singapire office is in Beach Road but they might have changed now.
Please caution everyone and anyone who find this message useful, please help to circulate or link it to other forums.
Thank you for your attention.

Yahoo! Mail - now with AutoComplete that helps fill email addresses.

is is the best and most informative message I read about Lampe Berger....Please delete the Singapore part and e-mail to others..

dan said...

I agree..

duke said...

i also agree...

clement said...

yes, me also agree.

Dexter said...

I left my own blog and spend so much effort on this message but only 3 people noticed. Sigh..

Not everyone read China Press and not everyone who reads it will care what Company they are refering. We must continue to inform our own contacts. Use MLM method to inform everyone.

SSaturn said...

To Dexter:

:) I know you spend a lot of time to post up all the information and evidence. I would like to let you know that I feel very honor that we have you. I don’t mind that you can post up my comment in main post. I wish to share some point with others.

To everyone out there:
Indeed that the cases is getting bigger, now we even can see it on daily newspaper.

This LB pyramid scheme is like “Legal” “Black Mail”, let me explain why I say that. Have anyone watched “Derailed” before? You will see how the person black mail their victim. First they will ask from small amount of money, and they will tell you after you pay they won’t come back disturb you anymore.

Ok, here start, if you pay them the first amount money they request. Now they will see how easy they can get money from you. They will start step 2, request more money from you, using your family and your personal ego. They will see how far you can go, they will try to get any single cents from you, then move on to the next victims.

Let me break few point here.
Case 1: They will see the first amount of money, is it easy to get you pay or not. If you able to pay for the first amount of money, then they will demand for next level amount of money.
Question: Do you see the similarity? First RM 2,500+ then second RM 30,000

Case 2: They use some material such as your family, your personal ego to bring down their victims
Question: Some LB did use family topic and your personal ego to encourage you to join their down line, so in future you can take the responsible to feed your family in better life. Let everyone proud on you, pray you like a god (successful man I mean).

I apologize for my poor English.

Dexter said...


haha... you are cruel...with your blog.

Dexter said...

I started a thread titled "This is getting SERIOUS" for those who may avoid the "Lampe Berger" title in the Low Yat forum.

Please keep it active once awhile so that more people and prospects will be cautioned.

Anonymous said...

hows the project to give out flyers for awareness suggested by someone? cuz i would like to join in to help..who should i contact

arch duke steven yeam said...

u need cash to print flyers..

unless you use photostat machine

Anonymous said...

printing flyers or photostat is not a big deal. just wanna know is someone doing it?

Dexter said...


I am organising a meeting. Please email to me at and leave me your mobil no. there so that I can contact you.

Anonymous said...


r u a singaporean?
the meeting you gonna hold is in local of singapore? izit about the flyer thing that i mentioned?

dexter said...


I am a Malaysian. Please email to me at for meeting matter.


n305er said...

Eh, I'm not Singaporean la.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dexter,

Am one of the people against LB. About the meeting, have you fix the date and place?

Anonymous said...

To ppl who anti lb:u al lik a no brain u al hav c they p their propect??pls keep ur mouth shut!!u din manage to earn more money then dun stop ppl who wan to earn money.Coz malaysia hav lik u al tis ppl,no wonder u al r poor 4ever.pls hav a proof 1st then talk the other ppl.

Anonymous said...

To al anti LB:u al dun knw how to b a human,then how u al can be successful 1 day??want to success must be patient.which have ppl lik u al??LB is a good career.want to earn more money of couse must walk a tough journey,if u al dun wan to walk tis journey then i suggest u al go to sell drug coz it can make u al earn a fast money.Is u al din understand LB.pls dun use ur ear as a eye.if u al want lik tat then i suggest u al donate u eye 2 more needed ppl.maybe is u al eye r not suitable 4 u al then u al better donate it to more needed person.wat u al said is u al din understand so u al will act like an animal,juz know how to saying people.Pls la!!so FM!!no wonder u al alwaz r worrying about ur money.

Anas said...


Anas said...