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Saturday, June 03, 2006

International Member's Exchange & 45K

International Member's Exchange (IME) is an annual event.
IME is an event under the group of Steven Yeam Network (SYN)

Held last year, here at Sunway Pyramid hotel this year the event
will be held in Singapore.

The participation fee for this event is not cheap. So does
all the other event that SYN. Last year it was about RM 500 if
I am not mistaken but this year, the fee itself has gone up to
about RM 1000+. Maybe, this time it includes accommodation and
food and maybe a short day tour around Singapore?

I am sure alot of SYN people are going to Singapore for the IME event

The news is that the investment or so call front-loading to join the
network in the status of COUNT has increased to RM45,000.
Wow..!! That's crazy... If still the youths nowadays still gonna join,
I got no better words to say.

Yes, RM 45K can bring you a whole lot of wealth in future with DCHL.
HOW? Recruitment? or Sales?
What I see, the sales occured mostly are from the members themselve
only at the moment. Seldom external sales.. all internal...

I am seeing that, they will move back to their initial investment plan
of front-loading into the position of BARON which cost a mere
RM 10,000. Which I see, many will go for this position...
I shall not speculate, and see what's coming up next in their next
month's sales and activities.

What I am seeing is that, IME will be used to boost up their recruit.
Young graduates who sees the opportunity to get rich will fall for their
scheme. I just hope this people read the damn bloody fine print in the
RULES AND REGULATION page before signing up.
It has all the black & white written in there, where it will be given
only once after he/she signs up... the DCHL Starter Kit.


chris said...

Can we actually do a peaceful rally during one of their so called 'business preview talk'??? By holding some banners and distributing flyers to anyone... just my idea of doing something concrete to remind the general public abt the scam... may be able to inform some press people to be there as well... what do you all think?

No fools here... said...

You can but....while it does create some caution to some prospects, it also give chance for them to say,...
"See ? So many people are jealous of our success and want us to fail, we should work harder now !! Those people must be paid by competitors."
Unless, those doing it have good reasons to show. I think only those who are victimized can do it for reasons of seeking refund and compensation for being mislead or cheated.
Once you hold a rally, you don't expect to be in total PEACE. If they are smart(which I am sure they are already prepared), they will create some fight and blame it on the demonstrators in order to bring in to police to stop it. This is how politics and goverment stop a rally or demonstrations.
So if really wish to do so, bring the press people along and start with a PURPOSE, seeking for refund is the best way.

Anonymous said...

plz get a link with promote this site to save malaysian.

Dexter said...

I replied this message in a forum and wish to share it here:

[quote=Duke Slayer,Jun 5 2006, 03:30 AM]I did not invest any money, because she invested in count, she has RM30K of goods which she can open 15 franchisee.

My wife open a franchise for me but did not sold RM2345 of goods to me.

If later on if she decide for refund(which she wont), RM2345 used to sign me as franchisee is not refundable.

I suggest you MUST make your wife understand how this business works before BOTH of you lost all your friends and reputation with them.

All the training and sharing they provide only teach them HOW TO DO the business but NOT the PROBLEMS that will follow it.

I am sure you realise by now hardly any customers will buy just the products if not because of the marketing plan. Even if those products are offered to customers at 40% discounts, people will not buy because they are simply not practical to use and they are not pure aromatherapy products and essential oils as claimed. Even in Europe and US where they can afford a higher price, yet their retail prices are lower than Malaysia's at 40% dicounts. What I mean is if the Europeans and Americans will not buy much of it at such prices even after 100 years, do you think Malaysians will buy ?

In simple words, just ask yourself and your wife this simple question;
"Will you buy these products to use at 40% prices if NOT for the HOPE of recruiting or selling to make money ?" If you need to think before you answer it, you know it is not a good business.

What I am trying to say for the above is:
a) In order for your wife to make money, she need to bring in others with the same idea of buying HOPE. Which means when she make money, others will have to lose money. When those others can make money, more and more others will lose money. So what's the chance ?? It's getting smaller and smaller by the days.
Sure they will brainwash by telling you the world is very big but the fact is no matter how big, more people will lose money than those who can make.

b) They only show and tell you those others that make money, have you ever wondered why they don't show you those that lost, resigned, refunded or left ??

c) Don't forget the fact that this is not a retail business where customers and prospects walk in volunteerly. In MLM, your prospects and downlines are your own friends, how will they feel about you and your wife if they lost money and to realise it one day ? They will blame you first, not the Company or the foreigners or other uplines.

d) Do you realise that those are just fragrance or perfumery products(as mentioned in the French factory and many US websites ? Only the DCHL MLM claimed it as aromatherapy and essential oils in their catalogues. This showed how dishonest they are.

e)HK TVBS already showed a program publicly with evidence that they made false claims on the products. Yes, the Company defended by ONLY explaining to their network that HK TVBS already apologised. Will you believe it ? Do you think they will not show any evidence or proof of apology if they have it ?

In short, NO matter how a MLM Company or any Business try to convince or explain, just remember, NEVER NEVER sell any product IF you do not think it is value for money. If you know very well that people will not buy the products for its value BUT only for the opportrunity, you must be prepared that they will be more losers and victims eventually.

2 last questions to you and anyone in such business:

a) Are you prepared to lose your reputation eventually ? Remember that the more money you make means the more victims in your network.

b) Do you have any conscience ? If people joined without understanding the business, they are innocent. If they still carry on after understanding it, they are neither stupid or stubborn. They are simply unethical and unscrupulous people without any conscience for others. After all, only birds of the same feathers can
flock together.

Those info I put above should be enough for anyone to understand the true picture. I advise you and your wife to quit now by just losing 10% and take it as a lesson and earned all the respect back from the board people here as well as your friends who knew you are in it. Before it is too late.


P/s. I hope my message don't hurt you or anyone. I just wish to help.

Those who wish to seek help for refund or understand the business more may check these blogs at blogspot:

antilampeberger, lampebergerhelp, lampebergertruth and stopmlmscams(mine).

Lampe Berger Help said...

why not? but seeing our govt. u think a peaceful rally can be held?

anonymous who asked to link with kennysia.. hang on.. everything is on planning..

IME is their plan to boost their marketing appeal.. that is.

Increasing to 45K.. which I might want to speculate is that, they will throw in a cheaper plan of RM 10,000 plus so it will be easier to lure people in, rather than the RM 30,000.

Initially, they started off with the Baron plan.. but later on scrap it to go forth for the Count plan.
Because Count plan can bring in more money to them...
Either ways.. MONEY GAME!!

Ni9htl0rd said...


Your hypothesis is correct. There will be no more 'Why 38?' talks as they will not focus on counts anymore. They will go for barons. There has been a change in LB marketing policy. Expect these changes to be announced in the NDO in KL this weekend.

Secondly, internally all LB members have been told that for new franchisee below 21 but above 18, parental permission is required before joining. For those 18 and below, absolutely no way to join even with parental permission. Of course how many teams are going to follow this rule, I don't know so don't ask me what is the effect of this new rule so far as it has only be released last week.

Regarding IME, it's rm600 for 1 bloody session on the damn beach.
I don't want to talk about it as I'm bloody well not going....crazy pricks.

Rally? We would end up like those guys who demonstrated against TNB price hike...

All of these changes were due to the reports in sin Chew and the subsequent backlash they received from various other media.

Anonymous said...

After those changes, they will do even better because more people will go for Baron.
Gossiping here and giving them more time is helping them and advertising for them.
Those who are their members should help the others to stop the business and seek for refunds.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Been a while yea nightlord.. ;)

hmm... i've been keeping in touch with the industry for some time now..

I'm gonna see worst.. since Why 29% will be kicking into the NDOs..

Ni9htl0rd said...

Hey lampe berger help,

I noticed one thing...invariably all LB supporter will say 'yes, there will be those who abuse the system' or 'yes, there will be unethical people in SYN doing it the wrong way and tarnishing other's image'.....and then they go into a winding tirade on why LB is 'good' and 'great' for them and we are dumb idiots for campaigning against something so 'good'....ironic isn't it?

Dexter said...

Remember guys,

In order to bring them down, we need to SPREAD faster than the LB distributors. Means we should find more means to inform those who are not aware of LB yet.

Chatting among ourselves don't work. Unless those involved stop and start to seek for refund.

When their business gets stagnant, everyone will stop.

Anonymous said...

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