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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


hey guys
i need help!!! they dun let me quit.. coz they said im not count i canot get back my 90% refund.. izit true??!

i need my refund to summit my study fee =( how how???

How to help him I ask you all?

Friend, anonymous who posted this in the previous post's comment,

I don't know how much you've invested or how much you've sacrificed.
Maybe you can share your TRUE STORY here and let me help you figure it out..


WTJ said...

you can return ur product as long as you din use it. btw, if you use it, then u can only refund the essential oils

Anonymous said...

Go after your Sponsor closely everytime he has prospects around and make a scene until they pay you back.

s0hai already said... kena tipu liao..

Franchisee, Baron, or Count...all also got 90% refund in 6 months time..

unless u bought expensive products which cannot be refunded

Lampe Berger Help said...

sad to know..
but try to fight with ur upline..

can't help unless u email me ur problems.

Anonymous said...

ur email is?

angel said...

if you take $1042 from your sponsor upline is can't be refunded.Since you take the product from company DCHL can be refund 90%. Those product like signature lamp,tender lamp more than $560(retail price)above,Estabel product, promotion item or not longer on sale product all can't be refund. This is company policy you can find out at company and starter kit.You didn't read it....

Anonymous said...

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