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Saturday, June 24, 2006

ex-LB Member. WHY?

An e-mail I received...

I was an ex LB member and quitted long ago. I've been to a number of anti LB blogs and commend you on your effort to educate the public. You are a good samaritan indeed! Keep it up!

But really, dude.. WHY?
Mail me back..


SSaturn said...


This comment will be abit out of topic,

1. The one who quit, will lost the invested money + let the upline to earn the money. (true or not?)

2. They say "You will fail, if you quit" (Is that threaten?)

3. if LB cant find more Victims then = LB no income? (True?)

Anonymous said...

LB will surely find new victims as long as they can find greedy and unawared ppl.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ssaturn above, are u ssaturn from inti college?

icsjstudent said...

inti college?? i'm from inti also..graduate 2004 you?

Anonymous said...

i got an question here..
i confuse...
i join LB almost half year d..
i still can quit mah? i din use the lamp at all jus only use the face cleaning only...
can i get back my money???

SSaturn said...

Yes, I am SSaturn from INTI College. :) nice to meet u here :) I graduated at 2003 Dec.

I think over 6 months = no refund? Correct if I am wrong

黄德峻 said...

anonymous: you can refund 90% within 6 motnhs

anthraxxxx said...

Technically you can get back 90% of your refund within 6 months. But beware, they will try all means to delay your payment as long as possible.

icmstudent said...

hello icsjstudent and ssaturn, i graduated at 2004 Apr, ssaturn how come u are interested in LB business also? :p

SSaturn said...

Halo~ ~, -_-"

I am ANTI-LB la~!

Dexter said...

From what we heard, NO one managed to get back 90%. Many products are not returnable and not told during time of purchase.

Anonymous said...

For those who failed/gave up in the LB business? How much effort was put in the business? How many prospect did you meet each day?

I have seen a full 90% refund for some who decided to quit. However there are terms and condition stated in the starter kit whereby some of the items are not refundable.

Anonymous said...

prospects? you're speaking as if its a recruiting business; which it is in fact one despite what SYN members say.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who posted at 28/6/06 6:11 AM. Why only some get 90% refund and not all. If the biz is sincere, the new members will be told in no uncertain terms, what stock can be refunded and what cannot be refunded. Also, once a request has been made for a refund, it must be processed immediately and not to delay until the 6 months has passed.


Anonymous said...

i wannt quit.. i join around middle of january tis year.. but they register me on february sumthing.. so i still can get back my 90% refund now?

but i dunno how to tell my upline.. she is my frenz.. and now i already got 1 downline d.. if i quit jus like tat like not good for my downline la..

how how? im headache with it now? 6 month mean i not much time leave d...
can anyone give some comment for me? i will be appreaciate tat. thanks you

Dexter said...

To the last poster,

You must quit if you realise that it is not good for you or your friends, whether upline or downline.

If you continue, you need to victimise others in order to make money for yourself, will you be happy doing it ?

Anonymous said...

To Preacher,

I admit there are some unethical upline who only focus to make quick buck. But there are good ones too.

I would suggest those who are interested to join LB, start from franchisee first. Read the starter kit, all rules and regualtion and refund criteria are stated there.

Most joined blindly without reading the starter kit. Ask your upline marquise to clarify if there are doubts before making the investment.

There are different levels of investment, franchisee RM2345, Baron RM11K, Count RM45K. I would suggest to invest according to your means, borrowing from loan shark or finance company is not allowed stated clearly by DCHL in the starter kit.

Normally uplines will not informed a new prospect about refunds, because if the prospect knew about refund, they will not put in 100% effort to do the business.

Anonymous said...

Normally uplines will not informed a new prospect about refunds, because if the prospect knew about refund, they will not put in 100% effort to do the business.

"Po Fu Chen Zhou"

This story is about a general who order his soldier to sunk their ships to cut off their path of retreat when they are fighting an enemy troop's strength 3 times their own. Knewing there is no path of retreat the soldier fight hard and won the battle eventually. This was the intention of the upline of not informing the prospect about refunds matter.

Ni9htl0rd said...

to Anonymous,

Don't insult the memory of that general by equating such a brilliant military tactic with a con like SYN. They were fighting for king and country, warriors and heroes.

You are mere conmen. Don't blame new prospect for not reading carefully, that responsibility is on the SYNner dealing with the prospect. You want me to join you, and you blame me for not reading carefully?? Do you know what is common courtesy and ethics?? The weigh of the responsibility of informing the potential client always falls on the proposer. Do you have any ethics or common courtesy at all? And you are speaking about how many prospects we meet a day right? that proves that SYN is a recruiting MLM and not product driven right?

Now where is that other anonymous who's been trying to convince me me that SYN is not recruitment driven....i'd want him to see this.

Desperate said...


at least u seem more educated than those other syners that spill gibberish. You are talking some sense.
but i want to ask you something, alot, i've met a few..and the others..they ask you to borrow money from relatives, friends, or even bank.
They say they can arrange a bank loan if not use credit card. is not just a few of them, is alooot of them. can you explain why?

Anonymous said...

To Ni9htl0rd,

I think you are mistaken, normally we meet prospect we explain the product and marketing plan to them, and not just recruiting.

Many fail to understand the concept, when we look for new distributor, we actually sold them products and make a comission from that and not recruit him/her to earn commission.

Our aim is to build a network of distributors and consumer to use the product. We earn comission from the sales of product.

When a prospect join as member he/she are allowed to purcahse the product to use and determine if its really good. If the prospect only want to be a user, then he/she is a consumer.

While some use the product and see a business opportunity of becoming a distributor, he/she can start from franchise or any level. When you start as Franchisee you, automatically qualify as a distributor. Distributor will continue to use the product (doing maintenance) and recommend it to new prospect selling the product to him/her and make a comission.

Some prospect may chose to invest as Baron(29%), count(38%) or Marquise (41%) because the comission is higher as they enjoyed a higher discount percentage to purchase the product.

It all depends on the individaul means and preference, absolutely no forcing.

As I have said before there are unethical one who exploit the system to make quick bucks. I dont approve those who push new prospect to borrow beyond their means.

Anonymous said...

To desperate said,

Those distributor who ask you to borrow money and offer to lend you money, have actually broken the DCHL rules and regulation.

Do you know if you report his/her action to DCHL, their distributorship will be intermediately be revoke be it count, marquise, duke or Arch duke if investigation proves to be true.

I can understand the frustration of the public, because the unethical distributors had completely spoilt the image of the company by causing so much socal problems.

Dexter said...

To the last few who tried to defend for RZ Corporation or DCHL...

Their WHOLE business is designed in such a manner to CON people but when exposed or questioned, they will just conveniently put the blame to others....

Why don't you just ask yourself this simple question.....

"Why don't the Company terminate or take action against those unethical distributors ?"

Their business is purposely practiced in this manner, don't you pretend not to know it.

My friend was invited to their office and during the presentation and after, when my friend asked about the products' pricing and how much oils need to be consummed, his introducer, a Marqis or Monkey(i not sure of the name) kept avoiding the question and replied,
"The products depend on how you use it but which is more important to you ? To make money or to use the product ?"

Ni9htl0rd said...

To the anonymous,

Don't have to twist and turn with me, I am a SYNner as well....but i'm a renegade SYNner...

So i know what is going ok.

I heard words coming from Steven Yeam himself, Winston, Winnie and all those wanna be Marquis and Counts. Please, explain to me the 'power of 1' marketing plan which just came out recently.. I want to see what is the purpose of that plan.

If you tell me you are one of the ethical ones....well, sadly you are a very small minority....and for your sake, we cannot still sit by and what the unethical majority screw people's life up everyday. And for that, SYN must cease to questions about it.

duke said...

winston is a fucking rich businessman. he is one of the famouse people in the paper industry.

TEH POWAH said...

Interestingly enough, when I was lured to their "office", the cultist of SYN told me I didn't have to BUY anything.

How come the anon. is suddenly saying you have to purchase some lamps?

No matter how hard you try to defend SYN, DHCL, LB or whatever. Your reputation is already down the drain.

We already know the tricks you SYNners employ. Your explainations are the same old, same old.

Anonymous said...

You are very right about them saying that we do not have to purchase anything.

They also claimed that we do not need to do any selling at all. Which is complete nonsense. As they speak, they are already trying to sell me something (in this case their marketing plan etc)..although you might not need to sell the physical product directly. One of them told me she never wanted to be in the sales department of a company before she ventured into LB, and she joined LB because there is no selling involved. All lies!!!

jack lim said...

winston is blood sucker. bring him down.His daughter is pretty.lets f.u.k her.

Anonymous said...

^Got pics of the daughter? =)

Dexter said...

I just heard that in most of their meetings, the prospects need to pay entrance fee but the distributors are taught not to mention it until after the prospects arrived or after the function. Is this true ? I have heard from 3 different people for different LB functions.
If they are taught to practice in such manner, any point to prove that this business is really meant for unethical people.
I really respect those who realised and quit.

Jack lim said...

her daughter pic is in DCHL this month magazine which talk cock most the time

TEH POWAH said...

Yes, they tell you at the last minute.

But my "friend" at least had the courtesy to tell me in advance.

Dexter said...

It seems they are bring in Red Wine from over 100 years Company from France.

So they know their LB days are numbered. Adding Red Wine now.
Again 100 over years trick.
So what if the supplier is over 100 years ? Just like their fragrance lamps, it could be over-claimed or 3 to 4 times overpriced in Malaysia. It could be inferior quality or even doctored. Even Cosway has sold problem products before.

I will not put anything into my body provided by a Company that cannot be trusted.

TEH POWAH said...

I rather get my wine from Denise or my local Jusco!

Anonymous said...

chinese girl all want big car big house...the market is so bad

salary rm1800 in kl...


lb never die

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend joined the MLM just a mth ago and has since gotten 2 of his friends to join as franchaisee and recently invested rm30k. So he is a count now? How does the scheme works coz he don't wanna talk about it. Is it because the ppl in this tells him not to tell those who are not in it? He seems a completely different person before joining and after joining. I am worried..

Anonymous said...

i am also an ex LB members.
i never actully start after i saw the agressivness of my upline to force me to ask my friend out. & ask me to find their weak point.
Really piss off with all these LB members. before join sweet talk & confirm will earn big BUCK. after join all the fox tail appear.


i have been cheated by my so call long time friend """
pls do not fall into this scam.

thk u

Anonymous said...

dchl and syn sux to the max. my friend nvr tells me how much she invested, after asking her mani times.. fear tat it'll scare the sh*t outta me?? to b frank i'll be reli scared if im asked to pay RM30K...


thepoor said...

Visited their office yesterday. Now i know why those greedy man jump into their scam boat. Really appreciate what you guys had revealed here. If not, hehe.. i might have dump my first RM2500 investment into that bloody hell scamers

Anonymous said...

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