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Sunday, May 28, 2006

News in Sin Chew Daily JB Edition

Days ago, there was one new here at Sin Chew Daily
that talks about a mother's worry on her son asking for RM 30,000
to invest in a MLM Company.. (Guess which MLM Co.)

>>>>> HERE <<<<< (in Chinese)

Then there is a latest update on the same similar MLM Company
It is talking about that MLM Company luring graduates and students
as young as 19 years old, to join their company with promises of getting
rich faster than working and enjoying a luxurious life...
And that company needs an initial investment of RM 2345 and a further
RM 30,000 and more than RM50,000 for higher level.
So... which company needs this big amount of investment again?

>>>>> HERE <<<<< (in Chinese)

I'm sorry that I couldn't translate the chinese wordings..
But.. if you need to read the translated first new..
Please visit Anti Lampe Berger's Post.

The news is from the Region of Johor Bharu, southern Peninsular of
Malaysia.. I'm just waiting for a news piece from the Klang Valley
papers.. but oh well.. they are all controlled by politicians and what not..

It is another new beginning...


Dexter said...

Heard 2 latest news about them, may be true, maybe not:

a) They will change the marketing plan and increase to RM45K for the RM30K position. This is expected sooner or later as more and more people know about them with the "30K". By increasing the figure, they can encourage the prospects to join faster and also they(prospects) will not know that so much complaints have been against them in the past.

b) To create some BIG news and hype to boost their business, Steven Yean announced having a rally soon in Orchard Road inviting their leaders from overseas and renting helicopters from the Singapore government to fetch the leaders for the event. Also claimed Orchard road will be closed.Sure, many leaders will be motivated for the event and spend more money for the trip as they are taught to WANT FACE.
Most Scams in MLM always announced some event with "Fake news" to hype up their business. While the Singapore event may be true, as Steven Yeam is trying to take over and save the Singapore market. Their Singapore sales has dropped compared to 2 or 3 years ago.
He sure can afford to rent some helicopters BUT claiming that Orchard Road will be closed is definitely false. Later on, he can just say Singapore Government could not approve it in time due to some "unknown reasons". Again, no black and white. Just like their claim that HK TVB apologised to them.

Anyone can help to paste this message into the SgForum to save the Singaporeans from falling victims ??

Ni9htl0rd said...

A)The increase to 45k has already been informed since April, way before the news reports. The second part of your point is the correct reason why they are increasing to RM45k, to encourage to join before deadline.

B)The plan was to book up the beach of sentosa island.(not the whole of sentosa island, not even microsoft can do that)...about orchard road....tai ha xin loh...

bugger said...

know why no action from the government? that's becos no one hit the right button!!

Anonymous said...

as you know, malaysians government, whatever right button you hit, just doesnt work? this is only an example of the inefficiency of the system. try singapore's government, they have a very particular leglislation to prevent MLM companies from being too powerful.
if someone complains to the singapore government about this SYN gathering, i'm very sure some precaution will be taken

Anonymous said...

as you know, malaysians government, whatever right button you hit, just doesnt work? this is only an example of the inefficiency of the system. try singapore's government, they have a very particular leglislation to prevent MLM companies from being too powerful.
if someone complains to the singapore government about this SYN gathering, i'm very sure some precaution will be taken

Anonymous said...

i found this on a singapore MLM forum which was posted in LOWYAT. similar to Lampe Berge isnt it?

I got a friend who asked me to listen to a seminar in commonwealth, from Bel' Air (some 'aroma-medicare') MLM company.

First thing I noticed on the ground floor are the products, looked like Lampe Berger (another MLM i think) stuff only fancier. (recognised it 'coz i got a friend pushing me to buy his products from LB, ended up totally ignoring him).

Then to the seminar. Got to write down your name, mobile number, on the list before you go in. The whole room smell of their product, some diffuser thingy (think Lampe Berger).

The MC was some Myanmar girl, who said how her family benefit from using the stuff, how she is now earning a 5-digit income after 1 year into the biz. Everytime the MC said something motivating, the 'associates' will clap, and they will play that stupid dragostea song. So much of psycho'ing IMO.

The main talker is some ex-insurance woman or something, and said how she quitted her job to do this Bel' Air, saying she's earning a 5 or 6 digit (yah, right) income now.

Thru-out the seminar, she flashed pics of sports cars, holiday locations, houses (with occasional applause from 'associates' + dragostea song). The emphasis on the products were a bare minimal, although she said that the products will sell due to increasing air pollution, that the smell can kill H5N1 virus, blah blah blah)

She ended the talk with numbers, stressing about starting at a count level(investing 14K!!!) and getting your commissions by finding future prospects to join. And to work your way up to Duke (Count -> Marquis -> Duke) and earning some global bonus using that position.

The whole thing smells so fishy to me. This seems to be more of a pyramid scheme, by encouraging active recruitment instead of product sales.

- If u are investing 14k, and earning (i think 3.7k) per recruitment, where does all the rest of the money go to??

- These people told me that family and friends will definitely object to me joining this biz, but that I must have self-belief in it. They told me to think of what the 14k can bring to me, to fulfill my dreams. All these sounds like brain-washing to me! They said they can help me to find the 14k, but I must be the one to take the first step. Said I am not going to be doing this alone, that they will help me as I go along.

- How can these people sleep at night? Asking their family and friends to invest so much, and may not be able to recover the investment?

- How long can this recruitment chain stretch?

- Bel' Air got some Gold Medal and sponsored NDP for some years, how did they do it?

When I asked my friend if he is really getting a 5-digit income in this, all he said was 'there is no point in me showing you my income statement, if you dun believe in this biz'. Up till now, he hasnt showed me his income yet.

Oh yea, I was introduced to two people that joined (around 2 years ago) and are now driving Alfa Romeo and RX-8 sports cars, and another duke (I think) getting an Integra (still in NUS). Are these really possible? I shiver thinking how many 'downlines' are under them now...

Athough I may sound biased to Bel' Air, I like to stress that I am not against or for this business. I think that there should be some awareness for people thinking of joining this company.

Maybe someone (working or used to work) in Bel' Air will like to share his/her opinion on it?

bodoh said...

1 year on, they will need to sell off their integra, rx-8 and alfa romeo and settle for MRT...

Anonymous said...

The Company that is selling Bel_Air now is actually the same Company that started Lampe Berger in 1996. They created a 2nd Co, DCHL to take over LB and changed to Bel_Air products. Both CEOs are Taiwanese brothers and claimed Bel_Air is manufactured by Lampe Berger too.
Birds of the same feathers flock together. I never trust the French LB people too. Earlier they claimed no one else or other brand can have similar products as they owned the world patent rights.
See Now ??

bodoh said...

kawan...patent also got expiry date.

LB patent rights ended long time ago already.

bodoh. the LB ppl lagi bodoh.

Anonymous said...


This might be the correct BUTTON to push.

Hit it ON

Anonymous said...

patents can end 1 ah?

than no one wants to invent things adi lo as things they invent and ask for patent will burn up.

Anonymous said...

Patents can be renewed.

Anonymous said...

updated:2006-05-27 10:05:23 MYT




















該上線人員會勸說受害者直接投資三萬多令吉,這樣的話,投資者便可以坐享其成,一來獲得升級,二來可直接從5名下線處抽取可觀的佣金。 (星洲日報/大柔佛.2006/05/26)

Anonymous said...

I just heard from a friend that LB's training is as strong as AMWAY. A friend of his failed to continue his business in LB(no need to give reasons, those who are not in LB knows best),give up and go back to work BUT insisted that the Company, marketing plan and products are all very good. Just that he is not suitable for MLM.
Oh, how stupid !!
Everyone is suitable for MLM as long as he knows more than 2 or 3 people and if the Company and products are good and sellable.

Anonymous said...

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