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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cheated by Good Friend and No-Refund YET!!!

So how do you define a person as good friend?
A person who comes to your aid whenever you need them?
A person who will borrow you money when you need it?
A person who calls you out every night for "yum cha"?
A person who introduce you a business and later on tells you he
saved you from a misery of a sad sad life of no money?

Now, introducing a business... did he/she saved you or screwed you?

This piece of e-mail was received by Mr. C and he recently joined
since Feb 2006. Now, his case is VERY SIMILAR with mine...

I was introduced to this MLM company, DCHL selling
Lampe Berger & Estebel products in Feb 2006. I was
invited to its office by my friend of 10years(Phoon).
After listening to their explainations(they reminded
me not to ask other ppl's opinion), i was then invited
for their talk called NDO in PWTC and it cost me RM100
for that session.

Even after the talk, i wasn't so convinced of joining.
However, Phoon kept calling me and even came over to
my house to find me. Before i joined, i asked him
whether the money for a franchisee (RM2350) can be
refunded because i heard from a friend of mine that
it's not refundable. He did asked me to becareful.

However, Phoon assured me that it's refundable and
asked me not to ask other ppl's advices as they don't
know about the business. Sadly, i listened and joined
as franchisee and bought RM2350 of products.
They then asked me to attend talks held in HLA
Building for two weeks. One of the talks even brain
washed us to put in RM30k as investment. Besides that,
one of the talk conducted by Marquis Marcus(a lawyer)
kept saying that by investing RM30k,you'll only lose
RM3k in 6months if u decided to refund. He however
didn't tell all the clauses, he only mentioned that
signature lamps and products worth more than RM1250
can't be refunded.

Without me realizing, i was then approached by a few
uplines who then kept brainwashing me to buy RM30k of
Lampe Berger and Estebel products. They kept telling
me the benefits of becoming a count by investing
RM30k. I told them i don't have so much money and i
wanted to see first whether i can make it. They are so
good and skillful at talking that i'm tricked to
believe that it'll be easy to make money and succeed
in this business by listening to them. They even
helped me to check around for personal loans and
suggested also swiping credit cards. And again, i
succumbed to their persistance and i ended up swiping
my credit cards. They taught me to use my god bro's
name as my downline to buy the products so that i'll
have a count under me.

When i was about to make my purchase, they asked me to
take a signature lamp. However, luckily i didn't take
one as none of the signature lamps which i like is
After a few days, i then realized something is not
right after i sat down quietly in my room to think
over. That few days i didn't go to the office and i
decided i want to refund. However, again i was set up
to meet all my uplines and also Duke Zacc. I was again
persuaded to continue.
After a month, i again felt the company's style of
business is not right and doesn't suit me and there's
something amiss with what the people in DCHL said.
This time i went out to check and i was shocked when i
heard that there are so many anti Lampe Berger
setiments out there. I went to the Chinese Embassy to
check what the speakers said is true or not. The
speakers kept saying that China is a big market and
DCHL already has its presence in China. However, i was
only told by the Chinese Embassy it's not true and
there is no such name called DCHL in China. So i
decided that i won't change my mind and i'm quitting
DCHL for good. Rm3k is a big lesson to be bought but i
want to quit it for good.

My nightmare started when i was told that my
franchisee goods (RM2350) can't be refunded. Besides
that, there are many promotional items and also some
of the lamps i bought are no longer in their sales
list. All these also can't be refunded. All these cost
me about RM11k and i was very furious with my so
called good fren, Phoon. I was given the wrong info
all the time. Had i bought the signature lamp, my
condition would be worse. I believe all those people
in DCHL wanted their downlines to have no option to
refund but being forced to continue.
Currently i don't know what to do and how to reclaim
my money. I'm totally lost. Is there any channel which
can help me get those goods refund as all the stocks
are well kept and not opened. Please help me!!

I'm gonna try my best to assist you and help will be my service.
Please do read dexter's post on getting re-fund HERE.
His post can effectively help you get your re-fund back,
but you may or may not need to use that method, as there are many
other methods to be used.

I'm sure, some... and I mean some will say that this post is a made up
story... because of the similarity on most of my post...
There is a similarity for one reason... IT IS REALLY HAPPENING!!
The case is FOR REAL!!..

*sigh* another case of RM 30,000 gone!!


Roy said...

Please make a police report immediately. Then photocopy the report and give 1 copy of the report to your upline and another copy to the company. Inform them that you will take all necessary actions including legal action against your uplines and the company should they refused your refund. Also the next step you could also do is to go Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri (KPDN) and launch an official complaint. You could also bring all your document including the police report and meet someone from the opposition party such as Lim Kiat Seng, etc. to expose this scandal. You will required their help should you want this incident to be publish. Inform the company that you will go all out for it should they decided not to refund or not to give you full refund including finding the opposition political party for it.

Roy said...

By the way, police report is a very effective tools to help them making negative promotion (forget about whether the police will help us taking any action or not). By making police report, it showed intergrity of what we talked. We could distribute this report (xerox fees is very cheap around 3 - 4 cents each) to all their prospects during important events should they refused to give you full refund.

Dexter said...

Yes, In this case it is good to make police report against the upline and the lawyer.
Approaching DAP will be good since LB used MCA, good idea !!
Also advise him to approach and disturb his upline whenever there is other prospects around.
Tomorrow there have a big business preview in Sunway Pyramid. Best time to kacau them.
Can someone think of a way to gather more people who wish to get refund back ?? Doing it together will be more effective. When everyone seek refund, their business will also be down faster.

Anonymous said...

my friend attended his Lampe Berger convention at piramid and relate to me what a scam it was. He admired the esprit de corp thats about but yet he's still doubtful about the whole scheme offered.As usual they keep showing their luxurious cars and LV bags.
I heard some stories about the cars they own and not sure if its true. Normally they would gather a group of people to purchase a luxury car and then whoever is to see clients on that particular day shall drive it. lolx...
SYN = SYN KA LAN... lolx

Lampe Berger Truth said...


i've created a new blog..
come and see it.

I will put up all the dirty tricks that they will use to bring in people and also the truth on their business since they started..

LB Help.. help me advertice okay..

Desperate said...

i had a fren who suffered the EXACT same FATE..She invested 30k, she wanted 2 refund within the 6monhts, but they say she cant coz her products are mostly all promotional products which her uplined hand picked 4 her without telling her that is non-refundable. So, she blindly believe theres no other way 2 refund and decided 2 forget abt it. now 6months has passed, but im asking her 2 fight back, can anyone suggest some guides?

for the people! said...

to desperate,

maybe to those who suffer in this type of situation, do group together and sign a petition and give it to the government.

Handsome said...

Is sad to hear one more victim of DCHL again....I think very few willknow that the initial invesment of RM2345 is not refundable, including me at the time I joined. Since you have been tarpped and desperate to get back your $$, I have a good news and a bad news to you as a suggestion. Lets go to the good news first,which is there are some people who buying the diffuser from DCHL members so that we can exchange the goods with $$. Wherelse, the bad news is they buy with very cheap price (10-15% of the origin price) and the people who buy is actually the DCHL member (the top persons) for the purpose of export to the other country and re-sell. That's mean they r smart. Cheated u into the business and earn somemore by buying back your stock with much cheaper price. Is up to u whether uwant to sell or not. For me, I already sold some of my stocks because I already hold it for quite along time. So I decided to at least get back some $$ rather than just keeping the diffuser for no purpose (can't throw, can't consume & somemore occupying space) to do?

Nightlord said...

I have just joined SYN for a few days (barely 2 weeks to be exact) and already have to been a few of their seminars and one of their NDO's held just 2 days ago in Times Square. Had i have read all the articles here and comments posted on this blog, I would still have joined.

Now, before the more vindictive of you readers here curse me to kingdom come and call me an idiot and moron eventhough the signs are clear they are a lame bunch of lying mofos, let me explain why I join them.

Firstly, i see that through the various articles here, there is some consensus that their premise of selling their products (LB, estebel and etc)is not illegal or unethical. The worth of their products however are not the point of my comment, but rather the understanding from you dear readers that to understand my rationale for joining, you would have to agree that should SYN be focused on products instead of recruiting, then they wouldn't be the target of such hate.

Ok, with that long disclaimer out of the way, let's go to the point. My point in joining is simple. Rather than ranting outside of their group that they are crooks, liars and pariahs, which of course would be useless sounds to those already brainwashed in the organization, I'm taking the fight a step further, by going in among their ranks and spreading.....dissension, doubts and disillusionment.

Let me tell you about my team. Of the horror stories of manipulative uplines and mindless zombies in suits and low cleavaged dress, i am happy to say that my team is free of that. When I joined the team, it was by the introduction of a guy i just knew through a drinking session. Now for all the flowery language he talks about this business, i could see through that he needed to do this as he is going through serious financial problems that normal employment would be unable to help him. (ie, exponential income by recruiting more people will solve his problems faster ....i think he has resigned to the fact that yes, he's a cheater, but he has no choice). And because this guy did not really have that delusions of grandeur as so evident in many of the others and would therefore be less 'pushy' as the others, I've decided to join their team as there would be more flexibility for me to move around while I seriously analyze their system and what makes SYN tick.

The people who makes up the team are young adults (I'm more than quarter of a century), each with their own reasons to join....and surprisingly we seem to stand apart from the rest of the zombie horde. Why? Through much one to one conversation with them, many has admitted that they find it hard to conform to the pack mentality of 95% of SYN members, and are doing it just to give face to our upline (he too did not really have that pack mentality, but he tries to motivate us with it, as like i said, he has no choice).

Anyway, my bullet will be the fact that for any organization to call itself a legit and ethical business, it would need to have a solid product or service that will form the core of its existence. Because all business's existence is justified by profits. SYN is no different. When I asked many of them, what is the core of SYN/DCHL? Nobody has been able to give me a good answer, and one guy even suggested I ask their top leaders this question, for eventhough he is very much into SYN, he does have his doubts, but he just couldn't pinpoint what is bugging him with all the propaganda and SS guards running around. To date I have already planted the seed of doubt and suspicion in a few of my team regarding SYN's drive for recruitment instead of products. And hopefully like a virus, this doubt will spread and infect more and more of the people to wake up. The goal is for more and more people to question the recruiting purpose and either convince people to leave this cancerous organization, or (wonder of wonders!!) their leaders actually wise up to this destructive cycle they have begun and put a stop to their 555 methods and return to the proper and legally accepted way of MLM/Network Marketing (To be of understanding with my definition of MLM and NM, please point your cursors to wikipedia for illustration)

You might notice i've ever only mentioned SYN and never LB. Why? Because to fight a cause we have to be objective. LB, estebel and etc, are just products used by SYN to cover their recruiting method. If today they substitute LB with Lampa Bugger fragrance, we would still be dealing with SYN.

I would like to stop here and save the remainder of my notes for a later comment. I have not fully shared everything as I do not want this comment to be too long, and I would also like to test the water before jumping in. However, I would really welcome comments and brickbats and what nots from SYNners (hei....i like that), anti-SYNners, or non-SYNners alike.

One Man's Perception said...

Hey, you are a very very practical guy. I like the way you analyze things, if only I have time and money to spare I would do the same thing as you did.

Anyway, nice comment.

Recently I have been busy doing my job, so I would have to apologize for slacking with the posting in my blog.

Anyway, I would really like to invite you to be a partner in posting within my blog. Or maybe we could work something out~ Or perhaps you send me some issue you would like to get on the web~

Just One Man’s Perceptions

Steven Yip said...

good comment night lord,

But may I ask, at which level you joined? Franchises, baron or count?

If SYN would have gone the normal MLM way, and not recruitment ( I think this is what 555) means, then we would not have so much fuss.

Yeap, sell your lamps only. Make sure you parade it nicely in front of customers. Then see whether you can sell.

I still have lots of doubts on the products. And since lampe berger name is so bad in Malaysia, dchl would still have a hard time selling those lamps here.

No Fool said...

I think nightlord's message should be deleted and not to be displayed. Just another way to defend and promote the LB business here.

What is he trying to say ?? After beating around, it does not get to any point that the product is vakue for money.

Anonymous said...

i agree with no fools, it is true, for all we know, there's always someone out there defending the DCHL ways. I dont mean it in a bad way but as a precaution

Anonymous said...

now DCHL has a friendster profile! LOL

Lampe Berger Help said...

Nightlord have a different perspective towards SYN.

But, your post nightlord is very dillusional as well..

Like what Steven asked, I would ask the same question...
What rank that you bought into?

I shall hear from you soon for your outcome of your virus spreading my dear friend..

You are not penetrating to the core yet.. but when u do.. please let us know..

Nightlord said...

To calvin,

You may copy my comment and have it in your site, after all, you would have a different group of readers too. I believe I am not the only person with the intentions as mentioned. Probably there are other viruses in SYN too.

To Steven, no fool, anonymous and the blog owner,

Thank you all for your comments. It will be good information for me to ponder as I dissect this organization. However I would like to stress again the objectivity of what I am doing. Not to say SYN is good or bad, not to say if LB products are useful or utter crap, before actually looking at two sides of the coin. For your information I joined as franchisee (and has absolutely no intention of upgrading to count, I don't have that much cash to burn).

My comments might need a few read through before it becomes clear (that is the feedback i get from frens, when i write, it's very ...long winded) To accuse me of defending DCHL way, you most probably did not understand the spirit of the issue.

What I actually wanted to point out is that it is a very 'people' problem, and by giving so many descriptions which does not directly concern the system or the product, I would like to stress that you can't tackle this problem from one simple angle. When you deal with a human problem, it pays to see from more views than one. Then, and only then will you diffrentiate yourself from those who talk only, and those who want to do something. A good illustration would be about the story of the blind men and the elephant, each of them touching different parts of the elephant, but none of them being able to identify the elephant because none of them can see the elephant or felt the elephant thoroughly.

I am merely providing information to you all to better build your conviction and cases, either for or against, and receive information back from you to further help me act.

No fools here.... said...

Who don't know all scams are started by "people" ? Those who are still in the LB business are part of these "people".

Everyone who followed the blog or read the old posts knew the problem of the LB products and the business well enough.

No need to use long messages that trying to neutralise, mislead or reduce the LB business guilt.

nightlord said...

If only you could understand like how Calvin does....and Calvin doesn't support LB, and neither do I.

One Man's Perception said...

Don't be so harsh on nightlord, everyone have their rights to speak out. Furthermore, I really don't think he is a pro LB guy.

In order to expose SYN/LB, we really need to get fresh hot materials from them. So, I guess, Nightlord can provide us very use asistance.

Anyhow, dislike if you may by bashing a person is not a good idea, because the people will start avoiding this blog.

One Man's Perceptions

Nightlord said...

Have just gone through a few other blogs anti-SYN.

I thing I notice. Especially in Steven Yip's network.. it could get really inflammatory when a SYNner joins in and comment.

That is not correct. Because invariably the next post that goes up is to really flambe the SYNner, which unfortunately serves to prove their point. I don't know about you guys, but from reading the comments I could feel the undercurrent of hate, anger, arrogance and disdain radiating from my monitor.

Rather, I would advocate engaging the SYNner in an open debate on the pros and cons, show your cards and I'll show mine. Then we will truly have a constructive dialogue...not name calling, cussing and outright war, because that will only drive them deeper into the arms of their SYN brothers, who would be more than happy to comfort their young lambs about the 'lies' and 'misinformation'.

Nightlord said...

Another thing, when I was at their New Distributor Orientation last week in Times Square, you can say that they practically took up all 3 of their largest ballroom.

Steven Yeam gave the closing speech in cantonese and guess what, he had the entire hall (except me) jumping and shouting and screaming for joy of making money...and I was thinking, what the hell??? There was this young lady beside me and she was screaming and laughing and crying all the same if Steven Yeam is some kind of celebrity...

But you have to hand it to him, if he was a motivational speaker, he would make a very successful one. At the end, all the tables have wannabe marquis and counts and dukes and whatever climbing onto them and dancing and singing, as if it was the world cup.

I probably looked odd, as I stood with my hands crossed and analyzing the situation. You could say he was using Hitler's way of reaching to his audience. If you can, get a clip of Hitler's speech at Nurenberg Stadium.

Now, I am not comparing Steven to Hitler (that's unfair), so don't flame me about comparing a businessman to a murderous dictator, just merely the style they use.

At the end, if you are to advise any SYNner or going to be SYNner to opt out, bear in mind that your arguments must be sound and not inflammatory, because the morale boost that people can get from an event like the above mentioned NDO can more than counter an ill prepared and inflammatory advice.

b3rnard7 said...

Those STeven Yeam followers has no medicine or vaccine to cure liao la.They just listen and follow him blindly without thinking twice.Ada Otak tetapi tak mau Guna!

When they realise tat they can't achieve,then they regret themselves of not thinking twice or discuss with other ppl (not SYN ppl) I believe most SYN ppl always say pls dun ask other ppl about DCHL/SYn cos they dun know anything,if u 1 2 ask ask us.Bcos of this word,the fall into their trap.

"Yao chou chi,chao mou hak yee la"

One Man's Perception said...

hey... nightlord,
I think we will be good partners in blogging... why don't you send me a mail.. and we can work things out from there.

One Man's Perceptions

dexter said...

So nightlord,

Can you just be direct and definite, are you against the LB MLM business or not ?

Nightlord said...



that's as clear and definite as i can be..

|chris| said...

i have the same experience as nightlord... went to their NDO at sunway pyramid... patient enuf to sit thru 8 hours eventhough i was equipped well enuf with ipod n a book.

while the rest screamed and cheered hysterically for speaker after speaker, i just sat there stoning n motionless... funnily, the guy behind saw me doing that and he followed...

at the end of the show, those syners saying that i brought negative influence to others by not showing my support to their speakers...

hmm... wow... i am rather influential then, don't you think!!!

i totally agree with nightlord, its the people of SYN that should be the target... i can't tell you if LB or estebel is good or bad... i am sure we are all well informed abt their merits and cons...

we all shudnt be so narrow minded as those syners, all suggestions are welcomed to put an end to this immoral practise!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm count from DCHL, almost 4 month zero sale but i never give up or want refund because I BELIEVE THIS BUSINESS...

If i want give up now, i will waste my time and effort before....

I want continue my journey.....

Before i want invest, i want buy promotion item and signature lampe because value money more lower. BUT MY UPLINE TOLD ME PLEASE DONT BUY ALL PROMOTION AND SIGNATURTE LAMPE BECAUSE IT CAN NOT RETURN. he mention many time to me about refund rule.

He always care for me and teach me how to success in this business because my lazzy, i already delay my success journey....But i will continue untill success. I BELIEVE EVEN THOUGH TOO MUCH BULL SHIT NEGATIVE THING.

for who want refund, better u continue ur journey and more hardworking and serious in this business. U MUST ALWAYS KNOW WHY U JOIN THIS BUSINESS


seow eng heng
h/P: 012-9499879

kafule778 said...

Hi. i'm siok seng... i'm count in LB business for 4 months.. n now i dun to continue this business.. i want ask about the procedure about 90% refund? if i oredy got 2 or 3 franchisee direct line and if my upline oredy become a marquis.. is it still possible if i get my 90% refund?? only some my item are non-refundable products.. i want my refundable products back to them and i get my refund.. pls do reply a.s.a.p.. i'd like to thank you if u can help me.. ^^

Anonymous said...

You still can refund. You downlines will become your upline's.

kafule778 said...

thanks... ^_^
wanna ask s'thing. anyone here ever go refund for their 90% count money?? can pls tell me how? isit take all the prodcuts to the office n just give back to the counter or wat??? or need approval from upline?? hehe.. pls tell me.. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually there is a lot of information, including the procedures of refunding unused products, in the Starter Kit. So read it. If I'm not wrong, you need to write a formal letter to RZ Corporation, and you also need the receipt (with your name on it) that you got when you bought the 30k products.

Hope it helps. More questions are welcomed.

kafule778 said...

how bout if my upline become marquis already.. can i still get back the refund..?? pls do help me.. i really stressful dy.. T__T

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can. Go ahead and do it fast. You have 1+ month left. The company will readjust the marquis's status if it deems fit and necessary.

Write a signed request to RZ Corporation (KL) with your eDC card, original invoice for the products purchased, and commision statement.

Once your request is accepted (I think they will call or write you), you can refund your products.

Anonymous said...

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