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Friday, May 26, 2006

REFUND Matters again and again!!

For the past weeks, Dexter of StopMLMScams has been getting e-mails
from readers to his website pertaining to re-fund matters and investment
which can't be refunded due to certain matters.

It troubles me when I read them, and I wish to bring this out to the
public's notice and please share it with your friends.
They have no-where to go. Even if they go to the company and their
uplines, you think they will offer their utmost assistance?
NO is the answer.

These e-mail has nothing to hide and it is their individual upline's fault
for not being informative.


Hi Dexter,

I need your opinion. i will explain it as simple as possible. My gf invested
30k in LB in the pretext that there is 90% refundable within 6 months if
she decides to quit. Within the 6months, she did decide to quit and she told
her upline A and B They told her she cant have the refund coz most
of her products are promotional products something like above 1k products.
Therefore she just left with the impression that she cant get her money
back anymore, i didnt know any of these because i told her not to get me
invovled but now i only found out from her and 6 months has alreayd
passed but shes still having her stupid products. Any advise besides having
to go all those you've mentioned abt running up their office and create
a scene? thanks.



Dear Dexter,

First of all, I would like to apologize if I get your name wrong, i saw it at the
stopmlmscams blog and the entries are posted up by you. Anyway, to the blog
owner, thanks for setting up the blog to create awareness to the public or at
least show the 'true colors' of the 'get rich fast' MLM scheme by DCHL. =)
Btw, i came across your entry of the ways to get your refund back on your
blog and your suggestions are to contact the 'top' person of the co and make
a big scene in the office. But, how am I suppose to know who is the 'top'
person in the group? I thought of going straight to the counters and ask is
there any person in charge for me to see in order for me to get my refund
but i predicted that I will get some silly and stupid excuses from the counters,
with the intention of 'shoo-ing' me away only. Oh ya, for your information,
I am just a franchise. I've spent merely RM2500 and nothing more.
However, I regretted. After I pay the amount of money, i get my stocks only
2-3months later. However, it's my fault too as I did not push my upline for it
as he is my 'good' friend during my uni years and I do not need the products,
so it's fine that I dont get it. I have even told my upline b4 i get my stocks
that, can I don't want the products and get whatever refund that the products
is worth for? doesnt matter even it's RM2000 or RM1800, it's still alright
with me. But sad to say, the answer i get from my upline is that..
Hey!! how come you did not ENLIGHTEN me about that fact at the point
when I join? So he started to be very actively contacting me for delivering
the products. Fine with that. So,obviously, after getting the products, i find
that they are of NO USE to me at all!! They are just normal beauty products
that I already have a series of other brands. So, in the end, I still have all of
them in the bag, left UNTOUCHED until today. That's the reason why I
wanted a refund of my money as I get frustrated everytime I see my
RM2000+ lying there in the corner. It has been 5 months since I joined
DCHL/ SYN, can you please please please tell me a way
(besides contacting the 'BIG' fella) to get my money back??
Do you think it'll work if i go straight to the counter? even it's 50%, I don't
mind, everything is in BRAND NEW condition with plastics on it as well.

Thank you for your time and I really appreciate your advice and assistance.

Have a nice day!

p/s: None of my family members nor friends knew that I joined DCHL except
for my upline, that's why it's a bit hard for me to get one or two friends to
accompany me to create a big scene. =|

Regards and anticipating a reply,
da Karen who needed help


Dexter said...

Those who wish to seek refund, please write in and we will try our best to help you.
I can foresee more and more people are willing to come out now as they can no longer settle with the Company or their upline. In most cases, they are actually misled by their uplines into thinking they can get their refund easily.
Some actually invested after attending talk by their "lawyer". Remember, if a laywer need to promote such unethical business, this an unethical lawyer. Don't be fooled by them.
I advise those who wish to seek refund make a police report(against the upline/speaker who misinformed them)for record purpose. Don't expect the police to take action.
Next, pester your upline whenever he/she has prospects, and even caution his propects from joining. Tell their other prospects that the business is not easy and you could not get your refund back as promised.
These action will pressure your upline/s to settle.
We are gathering all refund-seekers together to make it easier and more effective.
Even after the 6 months expiry is ok.
A press conference will be arranged if they don't refund.
Why lose your money and let them go so easily ?
Act fast before they decide to close shop and leave.
Right now while they still have business, they may still refund if they feel threatened. Once they have no more business, they will not bother.

Anonymous said...

hahhahaha...these ppl are making steven lim richer also...

Lampe Berger Help said...

which these people u meant? anonymous..

Anonymous said...

Franchisees cannot refund because they don't have the receipts. A member buys products worth 2345 PV (point value) from his upline. His upline then uses the 2345 PV to sponsor him to become a distributor/Franchisee. He cannot buy directly from the company, because he's not a distributor yet. So he doesn't have the receipt, and to refund, he needs the receipt. It's up to his upline whether to refund for him. The sad thing is that many uplines never tell their prospects everything that the prospects NEED to know. They often in some way assure their prospects that the prospects don't need to know that much, but they have a serious problem here -- they think that everyone thinks the same as them and that things that needed not know when they joined are things that are unimportant for their prospects to know. So, this is where problems arise.

1 said...

nup, you pay 150 to become a member and you got 10% discount, they said this is what the govt enforce.

so you can buy the 2345pv with 10% discount, not really need the upline to sponsor.

the diffrence is if he sponsor he get 2.3k, if you buy directly from company he get lesser.

other than that, i aggree with you, it is stupid to not tell all lo. but if you were to join better think more than twice, and after clarify what you want, only join.

Anonymous said...

The problem DO NOT ariss from the Distributors who don't tell everyting and the Distributors are NOT stupid for not telling.

It is the Company that sets the conditions in such a manner so that they cannot get the refund but yet can use the word REFUND to cheat people to join.

Anonymous said...

Beginning next month....the count price would rise to RM45000

Lampe Berger Truth said...

hie anonymous,

if they really change to 45k, that shows that they are already guilty conscious and they are changing it to avoid further claim that it is them.

and.. changing the plan to 45K, I'm hoping not to hear any suicidal case in future.!!

1 said...

45k price is the original price lo

Dexter said...

With 30K so much publicized, they have to change the figure so that their future prospects will not know they have been so many complaints against them.

Lampe Berger Truth,
When will your blog be ready ?? I have been waiting eagerly. Hope the information I contributed is useful.

Anonymous said...

1, how sure are you? It is stated in the summarized marketing plan (the blue one) that a member distributor accumulates PV from sponsor and gets 10% discount from sponsor and that a franchisee can buy directly from company. In all 3 editions of marketing plans (web, summarized, and starter kit), it isn't stated that a distributor or member distributor can buy directly from the company. Please explain. Why do they have to be so ambiguous? Shouldn't they be as clear as possible so that people don't have to call the company or go to the counter to ask a lot of questions? I think many people find the marketing plan difficult to understand.

Online marketing plan:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 28/5/06 10:06 AM, of course it's not the distributors who don't tell everything that cause problems. It's the distributors who don't tell everything that is crucial for decision making, that cause problems. What is the reason for not telling anyway? Afraid that after telling the prospects, they will think that the business is not right for them and so reject to join the business? Or to keep the prospects ignorant so that their minds can be controlled more easily? Have these distributors been rejected enough that they don't feel confident anymore for what the company offers? Is this a good enough reason to keep information away from prospects?

Dexter said...

Refund Seekers should unite together and work on it. It will be more effective and easier. Why lose and let them go ??

I have updated my blog's post, "2 Most Effective Ways to seek refund from MLM Co". Please see it and help your friends to seek their refund.

Ask them to write to me or Lampe Berger Help.

kafule778 said...

refer to blog above.. i answer in here: hehe..

if i sponsor 1 franchisee.. i get 2k+ n if i refund, they reduce from dat franchisee money i get.. it's not fair... coz it's just like i throw away that products..
u can imagine.. if i didn't sponsor 1 franchisee.. i still can get refund of dat.. if i sponsor 1 then i got lost 2k+?? r u sure?

Dexter said...


Anyone who felt mislead into joining or felt cheated, should ask for the full amount back, nothing less. Legally, if the Company don't pay back, hold the uplines responsible.

Please visit my blog for the post, "2 most effective ways....." for details.

Anonymous said...

Hear dexter!

Anonymous said...

2 Most Effective Way To Get Refund From MLM Co

Anonymous said...

ex-LB-er said...

i'm an ex LB-er from SYN.
now i wanna make confession.

i just quit from dchl recently. actually there's a lot of problem in this system and people inside!
1st of all,i want to touch bout refundment.

no need to go to the hq and shout out for a refund!

here's my experience. 1st of all,call the hq number! ask them u want to refund! the CS department will tell u to fax in a resign letter and the original receipt. after a couple of days they will call u to arrange the stock refund time,probably at between 10 till 11 a.m. at this time, u can push them to let u refund a.s.a.p. surely they will say got no enough accountant to sums the remain stock for u. but dont give up,push them,tell them to let u refund a.s.a.p. and then they'll rearrange the time again. must be hard to them.

on the day of returning stocks, don forget to bring ur original copy of resign letter and the official red-yellow receipt and E-card.

after that storekeeper will count the stocks for u.after finish counting, the procedure will pass to the accountant to sum up the remain money that can be refund.

after finish counting,round 20 minits,they will give u a statement on how much u can refund,after signature,u can go home n wait for the check to issue. or u can go to redeem urself at office. but have to wait round 1 month.

for me,i've loss a lot of money!
i've met others who asked for refund on the same day with me.
around 5 ppl who go for refund on that day!n the storekeeper got tell me at lest 5 ppl refund per day! to be continue...

Anonymous said...

i am DCHL distributor also, but i from an other group. actully i start from franchisee untill marquis, i didn't invest much money in DCHL to buying stocks. DCHL having a wonderful marketing plan, but someone spoil it. someone make our business difficult but we still can survive. and average monthly income more than 10K. when i see this blog i feel so sad, because you all in a wrong way to doing DCHL Business. atcaully i am full time to doing this business already 3 years times, my upline teach me the proper way to doing this business. now my group already developed to other countries but in proper way. i from a poor family, now i change my life. however buddy,if you still have prodcuts in hand just identify yourself to DCHL office see whether DCHL can help you to solve your problem or not. take care. from marquis

Lampe Berger Help said...

Oh.. so call marquis..

Is it so hard to reveal yourself...
As a proud oneself, you should..

Please, if you say, you are in the proper way.. shall I guess, the Taiwan group...?

I will make DCHL/RZ Corporation/SYN pay for what they have did to so many people that is hidden in the eyes of the public in general...

This blog is serving it's purposes.

Suffer a lot because of SYN said...

the method of refund is like this:
1st,call the company during office hour,after somebody approach u,tell them u wanna refund,they'll tell u to fax in a resign letter and a copy of ur COUNT receipt(yellow/red one).but before that u have to write a resign letter 1st.ask them for the fax number.

After u fax in,in couple of days someone from their company will call u to confirm that whether u're the person who want to seek refund.after that they'll arrange a day for u to case was they arranged me after 3 weeks like that then can seek for refund,but i push them,i said i wanna refund a.s.a.p. surely they'll say they've try their best to look for the best day for u,but dont listen to them. say that u're busy also on that day and only free on the day u wanna seek refund(of course the day choosen mus be as early as possible).argue with them!u can try this,u can say if i can't seek refund on the day i want,i'll call up my lawyer to meet u guys together with mass media person. if they let u to seek refund on the day u choose,u're lucky,if not,just wait for ur day,but surely they won't delay ur day until over 6 months. remember to ask the person's name who talk to u!

when all this settle,just wait for ur refund day!

on the day of refund,don't forget to bring along ur original copy of resign letter,official receipt and E-card.

after getting the trolley,push all stock inside the place where u check count.after that the storekeeper will check ur remain stock.after check,they will pass ur original receipt to the accountant and sums up how mny cash u can get from the remain stock. one thing that i almost forgot,do ask them which stock can be return,cause u no need to waste space to brong the stock u can't refund!

after all the procedure done,the accountant will give u a document that got write down how much money u can get back,after signature,the 1st part done. feel lucky if u didn't loss more than 5k. loss around 10k is a normal amount for them!

the final part will be the day u get the check,they will call u when the check is issue. get the check back and never look back again to that horror place.

this is my experience.i loss more than 15k.all my unreturnable stock was signaure lamp.

there's nth i can say but blame myself because of greedy. but i finally quit it because i feel that their way of doing business was unethical,luckily i didn't ask anybody to join under me! cause i dont want them to be like me.

now i suffer from a lot of debt,disappointment from family and everybody around me. damn!!!
1 wrong step lead to such a big lesson in my life,now i need more than 5 years to clear all my debt but now i'm still a student,that makes it 10 years to clear all my debt. i even think of quit my study when i join. thanks to their brainwash!!!!to be continue...

if got anything can leave me a message,i will come in again to check if anybody want help!

kafule778 said...
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kafule778 said...
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