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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Brutal Tactic = PUSHHhh...!!!

Reader J sent in her problem faced for her close one who is into the business.
The outcome doesn't come out right, and last, ended the relationship of
a loving couple.

I remembered I had an ex- boyfriend who is 'working' for Lampe Berger. I did not know he is in this line until we are together. At first I thougt it is alright for him to be in it, jus hoping he wont asked to me to listen those 'rubbish'.

So it does happen later.

For all the time we spend together, is at that office nearby HLA building(next to Wisma Genting) which own by SS. He(SS) says : " 500 dollars worth of shoes only makes my foot painful" , "Shopping in Sungei Wang is so degrading". (So, shopping in Sungei Wang VERY LOW class or NO class lah?), Then he will show off his buys at Louis Vutton and telling us how much he spend on all his stuff, making everyone envy with their eyes and mouth open. He will also tell us those side- line of his driving what cars, how much they are earning, blah, blah ,blah.

The other thing is that he (my ex) brings me around and 'get-to-know' more people . These people who are perpetually brain-washed already, telling me why they join, why they dont study, why they quit their high-paid jobs, why and lots of why.....

In my mind is that since you can make so MUCH money,telling young people not to study also can make so much money, then what are the schools are for? To beautified malaysia? If you were to say this is easy money, how come they are so many members who has yet to be a duke?

My ex-boyfriend at first, spend his money on me(for only short period of time), I thought he is very well -off. Well, in the harsh fact, he is not. He is been in this line for about a year, his family still staying in 1 room flat. He wasnt being able to support himself financially. He could not pay off his car loan, his car insurance, his phone bill and his daily expenses soon become my burden. I have to pay for the food that we ate. Pay for his phone bill and buy things for him. I was so stressful at that point of time. He even asks my mum to fork out 30 k. (go to hell!) Luckily, i did not bother about telling my mother. (partly because i am scare to ask for money..heehee).

I did follow him around. I want to see how he operates his group members. He use 'PUSHING' method. He keeps asking them to go for courses. Some members ganna scolded for not being able to find new members or someone new for appointment.Making all sorts of sacrastic remarks. Some friends of his even got scolded for not being 'smart' enough by not joining SYN group. (ridiculous)

And another way, he knows more people through that E-POP magazine. He advertise himself saying that he want to know more friends. So some too-much-money-to-waste people will just sms him and saying wanting to know him. They will chat for a little. Then he will come to his main intention. He will ask them whether they want to earn big bucks or not? Some suspect. Some trusted him, and willingly to meet him up regardless he's a stranger to them. (we can see that money has a very strong temptation to human beings). They meet at certain place and follow him to that 'office'. Soon, they will tell them to fork up RM2345 to join them. Ask them to borrow from family la, from friends la.... then their appetiate gets bigger... they will say you will earn more if you start from COUNT. shit. This time, you have to give more than 30 thousand near to 40 K! Where the hell are you gonna to borrow this big sum from? Then, those who are count already, will tell you the experience on how they get the money. They says they begged, cried and all the shit SAYING it worth it beacause of your future and your family.They also says that DCHL is a big organisation, wont run away one! You can use that particular member card to go all over the world to do your business. They will exaggerate till you 'WOW' but your pocket still empty.

They even comment that BEL AIR is the imitation of Lampe Berger. Saying their parts of that lamp thing is highly not usable.

I did not join in the end. He gave me all those sacrastic comments. Saying I wont be successful cos i am not one of their members. I cannot earn so much money in my life. (So did you?)

Everyone has their ups and downs. Isnt it safer to have steady income of your own? Rather than this month i earn, next month i dont?

Luckily i was not in. Not interested right at the begining. Thanks for the best friend of mine who help me to break him off. He is such a pest. A pest from DCHL. Money faced. All i remembered was he tried to get money out of my parents which i dislike the most.

MLM is appealing. But only lazy people who wants fast-cash (which they hardly earns any if they cant find anyone to join them!)

[the relationship only last for 1 plus month]

Distributors of DCHL/Lampe Berger are taugh to hard sell.
Yes, in every business, you hard sell, but this kinda way of hard selling by
the distributors are somewhat not fond by the public in general.
Like what J said, they will give you all the talks and exaggerate till you
will be soften in hear and thus joining them as comrades.

I would rather sum it as the PUSH PUSH PUSH method aka PUSHx3

Off I go now..


Dexter said...

Yor ex-bf is only right for 1 thing. That DCHL will not close. I believe too. With such good profits made now, they will never need to close. If no business, at worst, cut the work force or shrink the office. They will never need to close but the distributors will "close" themselves.. So they can say, "we never hit and run". We are around, but you distributors could not bring in any business".

I went to Time Square today during the lunch hour and saw some well-dressed young people, mostly guys. I guessed they must be from LB. True enough, I saw some with a badge of a fragrance bottle design(so it's either Bel_Air or LB). I went up to the 10th Floor Food Court for lunch in jeans and a t-shirt. And to my horror, I saw nearly 10 of them, all in black suit deciding what food to buy.
I really believe now that those LB people in black suits are not making good money. I don't mean to disbelieve or lookdown on "rich" people eating in food courts(i always eat simple in my wealthy days too) but when they are in a group displaying the LB badge on a business event eating in the food court, you know how "rich" they can be.

Steven Yip said...

wow, interesting story.

The saddest part is, they still believe their dreams to get rich.

Get a real job. Even it pays little but you learn stuff from it.

DCHL teaches you nothing but conning others.

Anonymous said...

It is alright to be PUSHHhhy when doing sale as long as there is no CHEATING and LIES involved.

It is sad that I just learnt that NOT all LB products can be refunded for 90% and some uplines never tell their prospective victims !!

steven and LB Help,

Please invite the factory to read all the posts and comments !!

Their 100 years history could be ruined by these Taiwanese in just 10 years.

b3rnard7 said...

Well,I think J do the right thing! is useless to be with this "toh sui ka" , "bai kah chai".Summore ask gf mother to pay RM30K really make me think of "siew lam yan" or "sek luen fan" I really 100% look down on this kinda guy!

Anonymous said...

U r lucky enough to escape from him and DCHL. I think your ex-bf is really a 'pok gai'. Once also I believe in MLM (DCHL) but totally not like him. How dare was he? I think DCHL is becoming worst & worst.

Perry said...

dear LB Help,

that why i always suspected those LBers around m; wat branded clothes, wat luxurious car, wat wat n wat wat... they made ppl onli have the mindset that is 'MONEY IS EVERYTHING', this is wat i strongly disagree all the time!

doubtless, no money, most of us not able to survive even a single day... but, money is juz for LIVING, that's all... there are lot lot more meaningful matters to do during our life time...

juz ask themselves: wat did u do for the social interest? i admire those volunteers who joined into NGOs, i admire their 'money-free' mindset - sacrifice our ownself, but light up others...

plz... dun always think about the money... especially the youngsters nowadays...

no fools here.... said...

Also, birds of the same feathers flock together..

2 types of people are involved in such "greed" business. The "naive" and the "bad". Naive ones will learn after being explained. They will stop.
The rest who don't stop are the "bad" ones. Of course, they will never admit. They will keep defending the business but after the business collapsed, the "bad" ones will tell you they are "victims" too and "lost" money too.