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Sunday, May 06, 2007


My last post about this case was "Sister SHOCKED with investment of 36K"
This sister came to me seeking help. I gave my wise advise, and thus now
again, I receive an e-mail from her just last week.

So, nothing more shall I speak off but to let you guys read..
it's me again.. i'm mad, confused and very frustated with my sister behaviour. I made her to promise to stop for a while thinking about the scheme until she has finished her final exam. Yes, she had promised me. But, suddenly after few days she rang my aunt asking to borrow 1K.. She has broke her promise to me.. Then my aunt got worried.. tell my mom. My mom advised her to discuss the matter with my father after she had finished her final exam. My mom even asked her to do a proper paperwork if she really wants the 36k from my father. (Well, to involve in business.. you should have a paperwork right?). She promised again to put aside for a while about this 'lamp' thing until she finished her final exam. But, again she broke her promise, willingly to go back home in the middle of the exam week.. to ask my father for 36k!! My father refused to gave her. But she insist.. at least give her 5K. You see.. how determine she is to involve with the 'lamp'?? I really don't understand. The introducer of this DCHL is friend of my brother. He said 36K is optional. But, seeing my sister behaviour, it tells you the other way. I have no more ideas how to stop her. What scaring me is if she persuade her friend, which is our neighbour, to join as well.. I'm very scared now.. I'm afraid that her friend's family will be our enemy just because of this silly thing. My father had made her to choose between her studies and the 'lamp'. She chose her studies.. but I hardly want to believe her after she broke her promises to me.
I did asked my sister to read all the blogs about DCHL,Lampeberger scam.. etc.. however all those writings in the blogs did not even a little to make her think again and stop joining. I just don't know what else to do... Pls.. if you can just help me.......
Who teaches the younger sister to borrow money from her aunty?
Who will motivate the younger sister to do so?
Who is teaching her to be so aggressive in search for money while
she is still studying and looking forward to a bright future?

These are the young and innocent people who just left high school and
started pursuing their dreams from college/university life.
Why must they be treated like that and in the end, who will suffer.
Where are the ethics?


samantha88 said...

that happened to my Ex
he promised me n his father to stop involving himself in LB
but instead, he find excuses to move out of the house, avoid my calls...

his attitude n personality changed totally within 3 days...yupe...juz 3 days

becoz of this LB thing, his relationship with his father turned sour

he blame me for breaking their bond...he even cursed me...

all i did was telling his father his son involves in LB, i didn't even mention how immorale the company is
uncle knew the LB facts from other ppl...or even by his own common sense

Greediness blinds one's eyes n heart, shut one's mind. Common sense is not common among those LB zombies...all they see are preys n gold

Jessey said...

i really can understand how u feel n how ur sis is feeling now,i was once the LB member n i know clearly the tactic they used.sorry to said,but ur sis wont listen to any of u at this moment,regarding the websites of anti-LB n all those stuff u showed her wont help a bit at theis moment coz the ppl inside has gave her sufficient "injection" tat outside ppl who dun understand will misunderstood them lar,when the biz is doing good,there will be ppl envy n spread -ve things about them lar,this lar,tat lar...watever u showed her or tok to her has been told to her when she was brought to the office.the fire in her now can only be stop when she stop contacting or be contacted by those telling her more -ve things will only make her believe LB ppl more coz she will think,"wah,its really true wat they said coz u r all telling her -ve things about LB".

pls,no matter wat happen dun let her hav the money coz she will turn out like me,coz if i dun payback my dad the money,i will hav the guilt with me as long as i live n i dun hope to see another one like me. when u all dun give her,she will find all ways to get the money including ur other,when u all meet ur relatives,just inform them tat if ur sis call,let them know n ask them not to lend her a single penny.also watch her every single move so tat she dun borrow from others tat she's not suppose to. also,they will teach her to think of possibility of getting the money, or even arrange her to get loan or wat-so-ever.
well,mayb u shd print the words below n pass it to her....
"hey,sis(dunno wats ur name),i really understand how u r feeling now,cozi was once like tat too,not thinking of anything but just wanna earn big money to buy the things we never thought we can afford.thinking tat 36k is just small amount n will earn it back soon,rite?its indeed very small when u r in LB but have u think of the value of the moeny to ur parents,sister n ur relatives??they know nothing about LB nor interested to u know how long for them to take in order to earn that 36k??i'm not sure how old r u but i'm sure u r old enuff to think of that rite???they will surely tell u,those who came n left because they din commit fully,or din follow system,or no guts to go on,blah,blah,blah or kinds of reasons y we left.i'm not sure if u will be reaading this or wat,but still gonna tell u coz i really dun wanna see another me in it.i really regret for trusting direct sales once which is LB,i hated DS all these while,din know how i could fall in.this was my first n also my last.u may succeed or may not,i dunno.but if the system n the team wil lalwiz be there,y cant they wait.y cant they wait till u finish ur schooling n can afforb to bear the 36k urself,y must they push u so hard to get the money???they will say the early u invest the faster u can start ur biz,but it's just bullshit!~!~~!its never too late to do anything,if its really so easy to get rich like they said, i wouldnt have quit so as other looks simple,but it's not. u can retired by long has steven yeam in there???when u hav such big network,r u able to slow down???how much time he has wif his family??so as other dukes....yes,he can afford just anything..but i think ur parents n sis would rather u stay at home wif them more often even wif just normal job. dun believe all they said,i oni see it clearly when i step out the circles n see it from goodness!!~!~the circle is so polluted.i'm not hurting LB or saying -ve things about it.i've bee nthru so just wan u to know.the life there,no day,no nite.think of sleeping later each day without 9-5 work...think twice..they rang u up early in the morning for meeting, follow-up,this n tat...pressures.. wost everytime u meet ur frens,u must hav a motive.wats the point then???even holidays too u hav to hang around wif them...wat free time u have??they'll said u just need to go thru this life for 3-5 years,then u r free...hahaha.. again..wat r the dukes n steven still doing there?? they will said,he sacrifice to help others needed in this world... then u will hav to be like him lor...dun just look from money point of view...think of ur family,they dun need ur money,all they need is u.
if the network is so strong,they can wait.yes,mayb later the amount is larger,when i invest is about 30k,but since they said u can start a biz with 2000++ only,then y need 36k??when u legs r not long enuff,dun take too big steps or u will fall n hurt badly.u will get rich on day,y rush??i'm sure u can earn the 2000++ by urself rite?? biz is about u shd play wif small,if its really worthwhile n they r still helping u like guardian angel,go ahead. see their true colors first,a bizmen also need to investigate properly wat biz he/she is investing in rite??wanna be a good bizlady,learn to be one first before u start a biz.

i dunno will my words help,but just pray she'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

sadly the world is fill with darkness. Greed has taken over yet another person heart. Feel sorry for your sister & family. There is no such thing as easy $$$. i can only give her a few comment

The true is family members will help you but you have to help yourself first.

You can have alot of friends but when come to borrow $$$$$ or when u face downturn or bankrupt.


Anonymous said...

Like Samantha88, my Ex is also involved in this MLM Biz - OuestNet to be exact. Yeap! He, too, changed from nice guy I once knew to someone I no longer respect. He even accused me for being untrustworthy because I refused to stand by him and join QI! He ended our relationship for another girl because she is also in the Biz but I know too well he is just cheating himself from his own behaviours. Well, I don mind coz the girl is a ... (wild type) and perhaps he deserved a girl like that as he ain't so good himself now!

He even said his family members all 'ganged up' on him because they ADVICED him to leave the Biz which he never did even when the Dato' was arrested! Gosh! How can one even say that about his own family who love him so much?! I really feel sad and sorry for Uncle and Aunty. I tried too but he won't listen to me too. So sorry! I pity him too ....

What scares me the most now is that they use "religious teaching' and quotes from the Bible (no offence to Christianity, please!)to brainwash people!! All religions are GOOD but this is misused of people's faith and i hope good Christians or any religion followers, please oh please stood up and clear your religion's name. These people seem to behave like a CULT now!! In some of their meetings, they call each other brothers and sisters and their 'faith' and trust for their leaders are as strong as one's trust for their preachers, pastors or fathers!

They blamed and accused the media for 'lying' about the arrest of their leaders too! The press can't simply publish without truth! But they are all blinded by all the beautiful promises by their leaders and also the images they've painted in their dream. I even saw many of them quitting their highly paid and stable jobs to do this Biz fulltime. Gee... is it really that different from working with a company? Isn't it the same as these people are also doing the 'selling' and 'recruiting' of people (downlines) for a company too, only that they don't have to go to a office because there isn't any?

Although I am not against MLM and how one gets rich but please do your Biz with good ethics and high morales. I pray that God will help these people see the harm and hurt they have caused to they loved one. May God forgive these cheaters and family breakers. You can dream and make a better future without sacrifying relationships with your family and friends.

If anyone have a solution to help these people, please generously share with us here who desperately trying to 'save' those we love. Thank you in advance.