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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lampe Berger Ruled by Government?

AHAH! I've waited for the right time. I hit the jackpot.
My guess was correct. It was in matter of time they took it down.
WHAT? you are asking.. Hmmm... let me tell you what.
In Malaysia, this is a normal case. If you can't feed some people
you are gone case. But if you can, then you are in the league.

See, on the 4th April 2007 exactly 3:34 AM, samantha88 in lowyat forum
made a post #1711 where she searched the Securities Commission website
and found that the name Lampe Berger is in the list.

This post can be found in the Lampe Berger & Estebel Issues V2 thread.

This is not a made up story. When samantha88 found a truth, she posted
it in the forum straight away. In her post, you can find the full list she
copied and pasted in there. So, what's the truth?

(click picture to enlarge in new window)

I gave it some time and again today I made the search. See what I've found?
It is under the Investor Alert list @

(click picture to enlarge in new window)


(click picture to enlarge in new window)

Securities Commission have taken the Lampe Berger company out
from their list. Reason why? God only knows.

See, when Ms. X in my previous post saw this whole list last week
she was shocked and that made her not to invest anymore and the lost
of RM 250 is like nothing to her already.

And now the Securities Commission has taken down the name.
What we all want to know is WHY? E-mail sent to SC to ask for
clarification in this matter. Let's see what's their reply.

Lampe Berger peeps will say, "see this proves we are legitimate"
But the question is, if legitimate and what not, why was it up there
in the first place? why there are so many people out there who
are objecting this whole thing SO MUCH MORE than other MLMs?

Enuff said..

Next "Brainwashed by Lampe Berger"
(a sister who came to ask for help now face another trouble)


Anonymous said...

From SC Website:
"Below is the list of known companies and websites which are not authorised nor approved under the securities laws to deal in securities, provide investment advice and/or fund management services related to securities or futures. "

First of all, Lampe Berger is a product. The business name is DCHL. So Lampe Berger should not have appeared in the first place.

Secondly, this list is for investment companies. DCHL is business. Sure they suggest that some of their products have investment value, like for instance Franklin Mint, and provably some of the limited edition lamps have appreciated significantly in value, but that does not make DCHL an investment company.

Some direct selling companies are listed by SC but the rule of thumb is that SC takes issue with some promises made.

Furthermore, I went through the other organisations linked from SC like Australian securities and investments commission, Investor Alert by Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission, Monetary Authority of Singapore and so on.

And in none of them were warnings about LB or DCHL.
If it is such a scam, wouldn't it appear somewhere there or do you imply that every country is as corrupt as Malaysia??

Charisse said...

Good for people to know.

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