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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MLM = Scam?

Off the DCHL/SYN/Lampe Berger news...

Let's see some interesting news that gained front page news at NST.
Sunday 6th May 2007
Three Filipino partners also held at five-star hotel.

KUALA LUMPUR: A Datuk who made his millions overseas before venturing into businesses here was arrested by Indonesian police for multilevel- marketing (MLM) scams.

The man, in his 40s, was arrested with his three Filipino partners in a five-star hotel in Jakarta on Thursday night.

They were attending an international event at the Jakarta Convention Centre.
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In this news
The Datuk and his partners are allegedly involved in an MLM company with branches in Southeast and East Asian countries. It produces limited-edition coins and medals, jewellery and timepieces sold through network marketing.
My first guess of the company is QuestNet.
How would I guess? The keyword? limited-edition coins.

It turns out to be true.. BRAVO!!
Monday 7th May 2007
Datuk wanted in RM308m fraud case

KUALA LUMPUR: Businessman Datuk Vijayeswaran S. Vijayaratnam, who was arrested in Jakarta last week, is wanted in connection with a US$90 million (RM308m) fraud case in the Philippines.
Indonesian police are co-ordinating with their Filipino counterparts to extradite him to Quezon City where a warrant of arrest has been issued against him for a nine-year-old case.

The warrant is for fraud and conspiracy, according to the Interpol website.

The 46-year-old is the group managing director of QI Limited, which is based in Hong Kong with branches in 30 countries from Australia to Brazil. Its regional office in Malaysia is in Petaling Jaya.
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I do not have much to say.. but just few wise words.

No matter how big is any MLM, I mean any, I don't wanna quote any
specific ones, they ought to be something fishy behind them.
Questnet is so big, but why this thing can happen? Maybe it was an error.
An error by NST? Come on.. don't joke me...

Just do a simple google search on "MLM Lawsuit" There's your answer!


jack said...

Hope to see more of this MLM company Boss arrested for scam.

Hope syn boss be the next one
to be arrested for scam.

Hope everyone wake up their mind
and have a clearly picture of what MLM is about.

ultimat3 said...

hehe. jack,

hope is one thing...
realization is another thing..

just let's all work with one heart and one mind to bring this blog to public's awareness...

Steven Yip said...

question...what's the nature of the scam? you got any details???

stone cold said...

questnet from the beginning, since the name goldquest is already a pyramid scheme. the filiphin government banned it many many years ago. already warned it's people of this scam thingy. but don't know they still can have office in amcorp mall. i remember someone told me that mahathir attended one of it's exhibition event.

b3rnard7 said...

haha! FYI,QI = Questnet International

Well,my cousin join this MLM and "chuen" in fromt of me tat is a good business & now he hide himself inside a hole already.

This Datuk he can speak good cantonese,according to my cousin.

b3rnard7 said...

Now Datuk Vijayeswaran S. Vijayaratnam, person is Steven Yeam?

Make sure Steven Yeam news must post it here when he kena arrested.To show our victory against SYN!

The title must be,Steven Yeam & The fall of SYN

Anonymous said...

Erm.. hello.. you comparing LB against some company that sells limited edition coins?.. you gotta be joking... the only reason this company was a fraud was because of the product- limited edition coins???.. DCHL can never be a fraud as long it's products are not something that is totally useless and worthless :)

Anonymous said...

Hi....askum,saya alan....from KL....nak share pasal benda nie...

kawan saya,samad (bukan nama sebenar)ajak saya masuk mlm syn nie sbb sayer kerja kerajaan, senang nk buat pinjaman rm30,000.00/=....saya dah cakap saya xnk masuk sbb saya dier suruh datg jugak dekat blkg wisma cosway,KL tue aper namer dier pon xingt...biler smpai saner,dier suruh sy duduk kt satu meja...then 3org upline dier datg brainwash saya smpai sy terpengaruh nk masuk then isi form borang ANGKASA dan PINJAMAN BANK RAKYAT...

Esoknyer di opis, samad datg nk amik form form tue belum signed lg oleh sudah dicop...dier suruh saya sign sdr jer...(tindakan samad menyuruh saya sign sdr form tue mnyebabkan sy terpiker klau aku masuk mesti aku pn jadik xtentu hala mcm samad nie...)...tmbahan lg...kena buat cross gerentor....saya gerentor mamat yg sayer xkenal...mamat tue pulak jd gerentor saya...(klau mamat tue mati,saya tanggung beban hutang dier...)....

so..saya tipu samad saya ckp bos saya meeting,xdpt sign pada hari tue...then saya try tanyer dier..."klau aku nak ajak org bukan kerja kjaan masuk syn,mcmaner diernk buat pinjaman?"...then dier jawab"kiter tnyer org tue dia ader x saudara mara yg kerja kjaan,klau ader...kiter buat pinjaman atas nama saudara dier...."...(kepala hotak dier buat pinajaman cara cmtue...cuber klau dier kerja kjaan...adik dier datg suruh dier buat pinjaman rm30k utk buat mlm,nk dier kasi??...)

then dier balik....klau bos saya sign loan form tue...samad nie boleh process pinjaman tue hari tue jugak dier boleh keluarkn rm30,000 tu sbb dier ader org dalam BANK RAKYAT tue dan kiter didaftarkn jadi ahli SYN TANPA TENGOK DAN PEGANG DUIT RM30,000.00....sedar2 hangus rm30,000 dan anda xtau aper yg anda kena buat..

so....esoknyer...saya call samad ckp sy xdpt nk masuk...pasal fikir hati kawan,hati sahabat....sayer bg alasan family sy xkasi masuk...samad tue kawan baik smnjak dr haRi tue...bolek dikatakn kami nie dah hambar dah xboleh nk berborak mcm tue lg...(kerana duit,kawan pon boleh hilang...)

sy xkata syn tipu atau tatacara dgn client bukan dgn cara memaksa atau mempengaruh atau meminta kata putus on the spot...spatutnyer biar client tue ambil masa utk pikir...

dan korg yg muda2 nie jgn fikir nk kaya dgn cara mudah jer...piker dulu boleh buat ker x??ataupon dari korg pinjam rm30k buat mlm...lebih baik korg buat duit muka beli rumah dan sewakan...sewa up lar kasi untung bulan2...untung dapat...asset pon ader...

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rey said...

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