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Monday, April 09, 2007

Sister SHOCKED with investment of RM 36K

So, it has been a while since i last blogged about Lampe Berger.

But I need to share one piece of news here with you.
With how these people in Digital Crown Holdings Limited (DCHL)
are running the MLM is totally ruining the life of many. Many whom
are young and innocent. Many who do not know anything about money
management and the risk of taking loan.

I received one email today by this lady questioning me the rationality
of all the investment and what-not. She was SHOCK! READ ON
Actually I'm in shock because of my younger sister has just asking me for a loan of 36K to 'invest' in DCHL.
She has already 'invest' 2.5K (she is supposed the 'franchisee' now.. right?) and she got lampeberger stuff as her free gift.. she said. But when I check the DCHL website, to be a franchisee.. you have to sell or use the product up to 2.5K and it is not a free gift. But in her case, you pay 2.5K, get the lampberger product as free stuff. Don't you think it is little bit weird here?
After 3 days joining as franchisee level, she asking the whole family for a loan of 36K. She even suggest me to make a personal loan with the bank for her.. I believe the level that she wants is the 'Count'.
I don't know much about DCHL, and this is the first time I ever heard about it. And.. the first time I heard you need 36K to enter MLM. She and her group concept.. get more people to 'invest'..the much the better... is this what DCHL really promotes? Please.. I need an explanation... and please reply a.s.a.p..
I'm not surprise how shocked can she be. With her sister asking her
RM 36K is like asking for her life. I pity them. But why? This have
to be brought to many others, do not let your love ones fall into all
these. Investing RM 36K and wat about the returns?
What about the damage which will be made later on?

One friend i've known through this blog is asking for my help
to help her return 2 TWO! signature lamps when she invested
as Count. HOW la? I told her put it on e-bay on slashed price and
pray that they will sell.

She wrote to me because this blog is pretty much exposed outside in
the world wide web (WWW) aka Internet. Do a search of anything on
Steven Yeam Network (SYN), DCHL, Lampe Berger + scam, cheat, etc..
You will end up having my blog in top 10 or top 20. Which is really good.
So, i will reply her soon enough after my lunch now ;)


Anonymous said...

As a former syn members, i found all the darkness in this group of people. They lie & keep lieing how sucessful they are. really piss off. my upline marquis is a cunning fox. he cheat me & my friends. anyway i am happy i am no longer any relation with this group of people.

for those who has been introduce by friend to join this MLM group. think again. I join because of my friend but end up wasting my investment & relation with other friends.

yapthomas said...

same here anonymous..
i join also because of friend
and then, i got screwed up by his cunning tricks.

wat an arse.
now he runs to jb and dunno where he hide. the marquis also like no news.
maybe hiding also la.

Trevor said...

Let's just do the simple maths

Just calculate how much a person need to 'collect' (by persuading others to join), in order for her to get back that RM36K 'investment'.

Next, try to imagine how much the new member you brought in, needs to 'collect' to get back his/her 'investment'

You will clearly see that this is not about business, it's all about scam ;)

Wong Yeh Yeh said...

36k is currently their latest 'scam'... instead of getting you to come in as a Count directly, now they ask you to buy up 4 Baron positions (9k each)!

Someone recently brought me to her 'office' ... the LB office... and showed me how I can be a multi-millionaire in the shortest possible time, by investing 36k!

Ya rite... I would say, shortest possible time? Buy Toto... -___-!!

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