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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Saved by the Blog (2)

This blog has helped saved a lot of innocent poor soul by warning them
the tricks and tactics used by DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN to lure
poor innocent people into their "get-rich investment" business plan.

We are proud to say that, the exposure from Lampe Berger Help is now
worldwide. We have readers from all the region in the world. *_*

We have recently saved an innocent soul from getting lured into
DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN's business plan. This girl wrote a very
SUPER LONG e-mail to LB Help seeking help and advise on the
whole truth about Lampe Berger.

Absurd of Ms. X's first email to LB Help.
Until that part, I was impressed (although I didn't know her previously). On the first day of our conversation, she invited me to "her office", but I couldn't make it. So I went with her just yesterday, after work. Before that, we had lunch together and she explains to me about the business she was in. Starting from the history (all the insurance, food and water filter industry covered) and the McDonald's and everything (people who had been to LB meetings should know this) bla bla bla. The part that she always stress on is how her parents raised her, how her mother did rubber tapping to support her schooling, her father is a carpenter, and they are very poor. When she started this business, she invest 30k, and she get 100k in 2 months. She bought her mother a ring worth RM4k and her mother cried. OMG, I was really impressed.

During the lunch she asked me how much would I invest. I told her I have RM5k savings. She then came out with a story of her colleague in LB, 2 sisters who took personal loans to get RM30k. She didnt actually tell me on her marketing plan first. She just tell me stories about her success, and her colleague, and her husband's and her brother's.. To my surprise, I truly believe her. I never joined any MLM before, even my bestfriend approach me to join her in Amway and Zhulian etc etc. I'm really not into any MLM business. I don't like chasing people to join me, or persuading and convincing people to buy things. Just not my type. I never heard of LB before, but I've seen the advert board each time I drove to my office.

Then, A asked me when is the fastest that I can get the money to invest? now, I havent said anything to her yet. I just told her than it's interesting. She told me that she invest 30k and straight away hold a high position (count?). She actually insist me on investing RM30k, my goodness! I told her I dont have a RM30k, my savings all gone. Then she asked me to fork out all my left over savings (RM5k). I already told her that it was for my rainy day, but she said i can surely get back my capital (RM5k) plus my commission in a few months. Her husband infact, made 300% commission within 6 months.

I told her i couldn't do that. Then she said, at least give her RM2700 to allow her to give me the franchisee license so that I could attend their training and everything. RM2700 is also a big amount for me as I have so many things to pay for. I told her I can't. Then she asked me to prepare RM250 by the end of the day to enable myself to join a meeting (or something like that) in a hotel this weekend. I didn't said yes to her, but I agreed to follow her to her "office" in menara HLA, without knowing that actually who goes there means that they have agreed to join.

I went there after work with A, she introduced me to her older brother, who looks like a very shy guy (he's a book worm, I can tell by his face). Then he started to talk, exactly the same thing A has told me. They convince me on how they wanted to open more market to Bumiputra (I'm Malay by the way) and sort of. Its getting late and more people coming in, its a full house. She told me about a UPM student who is making RM50k per month. I asked myself, how they did this actually.

After her brother had explain to me on the marketing plan whatsoever, she asked me if I have RM250 with me. I said yes, because I planned to pay my credit card that eve. She asked me to hand over the money to her in order for the to register me. I took the RM250, and gave to her. OMG. I think it comes with the feeling, I don't want to actually embarassed myself infront of her brother and many friends and many other people. Shit, they were all there to join, how come I could rejected it?
The way how they persuade and impress people into the business
never changed from Day 1. Hmm.. A never mentioned about how
Steven Yeam came from little Klang and ventured into Hong Kong?
hahaha oh wells, back to the

Ms. X actually went to the office and paid up RM 250 after so much
persuasion by A. To us, it is just the feeling and we all do thing following
what our heart tells us to do. Ms. X could just reject everything and
just walk away. When it comes to money, our eyes open very big, and
our jaw open wide. But when the truth is revealed, our eyes open even
BIGGER and jaw open WIDER.

Next, "Lampe Berger Ruled by Government?"


Anonymous said...

glad that you find the truth about LB before losing any investment.

They like to recruit innocent & shy people to join.
& they start telling you that you can make lot's of friends & earn lots of $$$.

so you think it's a nice MLM where you can learn many things,sharing with other parther. Know more friends & earn more $$$..

this happen to me when i join.

Almost all the people tell Lies.

When you hear the maquis say they earn 20k per month & everyday relaxing & do nothing.
guess what, go out with them & they eat nasi lemak & plain water. Huh!! earn 20k per month still so stingy.

anyway the truth is you go to their
so call training semiar.
they only teaches you how to lie
& still lie.
DANGER!!!! going to their semiar for in KL or Johor may actually get yourself brain wash.

Anonymous said...

LB is best laa...if come HLA office every night still full with people?? if not.. how come Duke Roy, Duke Soon Free, Duke Yap all still do damn fcking rich?? every month take home more than RM100k...while you all rant here and rant there...

Trevor said...

every month take home more than RM100k...while you all rant here and rant there...

Just imagine how many victims needed to fill up that RM100k

what a big industry

Lampe Berger Help said...

anonymous 2,

have you become like Duke Roy,Fai Kor, Duke Yap and all the Dukes there?
I think ur time is long time more la.. Faster go to Sarawak and ask the people there invest..!!

SO BIG MARKET THERE!! But I think Sarawak people also got read LB HELP wan la!!

Anonymous said...

sorry to inform you i am one of fai kor top marquis currently driving a new 5 series.. what car you drive? proton?

kenny said...

Wow, 5 Series! Fuiyohhh!!

Come on, share with us your name.
My name is Kenny Ong, I stay @ PJ.

What about you?

I don't know about LB Help, but I drive a Proton Too and am proud of it!

Anonymous said...

you actually think there is a need to reveal my name?

I'm not going to show off or brag about anything. I just want to live a simple life. A life without having to worry about money. I spend most of my time at home with my family.

I drive my kids to school and pick them up after school. How many people can do that? I drive my kids to their sports activities at school and sometimes i stay in the school to watch him play. I guide their studies closely rather than sending them to nanny, or let other people take care of them.

I don't have a maid at home, as I share the house work with my wife. We love it, and we have all the time in the world to do it. Can a person with a job do what we does? Most will send their kids to the nannies, or their parents. And pay for other people to pick up their kids from school. Hardly spend time with their family, apart from the weekends. And some even have to work on the weekend.

The main reason a lot of adults go into mlm is not because of the money. It is because of the freedom. I'm not sure about the youngsters. Perhaps they are attracted by the money. Adults like us are attracted to the freedom that mlm offers. I've got mine now. I'm just glad. I don't have to live in a bungalow or drive a Porsche or Ferrari. Even my 5 series is bought just to increase my expenses to cut down the taxes.

Apart from that, I just live a normal live, of course without all the worries for money, and I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.

yapthomas said...


Fehmes liao this blog! kakaka...

eh.. interesting anonymous.
I like what you said. but well..
sometimes, diff people have diff perception. that's all.

it is still hard to overcome all these people scam people and people lure people into something that would turn a nightmare into them.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous above,
Something to clarify with you regarding your earlier statement:

"Even my 5 series is bought just to increase my expenses to cut down the taxes."

Are you refering to income tax for your business or personal income tax?

Steven Yip said...

hi LBers....

Come on, the lifestyle you described...freedom from a job, have a BMW 5 series for expense sake,..and all those bullsh*t, all just all MLM tactics to lure naive people in.

You guys who are still believing Lampe berger, are in fantasy land. Fantasy don't last.

If your downlines don't work, you won't get any income. Even steven yeam has to motivate his downlines (which means he's working).

Wake up guys....

Anonymous said...

For people who still think MLM can help you earn super fast cash.
think again...
there is always a price to pay for it, nothing is free in this world.

Below is a link to
Ten Big Lies of Multilevel Marketing

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person above. you are the most naive person in the world. MLM is no fast cash. MLM is about perseverance. and it is not easy to make it in MLM...there are a lot of sacrifices need to be made. if you think MLM is fast are dumb!!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above who thinks MLM is fast cash. YOU ARE SUPER DUPER BODOH.

Allan Gan said...

"sorry to inform you i am one of fai kor top marquis currently driving a new 5 series.. what car you drive? proton?"

ceh... say only... no need mlm can drive 5 series lar.... car is nothing lar. I got 6 car and 4 house. I payed full tax. So wat... I trade forex for living...I dont work in office. I'm too financial freedom. But at least I dont make other people life miserable by taking their money. This blog is good. Helped a lot of my friend from getting into lb. I want to thank the blog master. In fact I am one of the first few people who write in the email.

Anonymous said...

Better invest in HYIP, no need to chase downline, can get money daily , weekly or monthly. At least you know that you either get it or don't.

Better than to find Dog-Line who will server you. The funny part about DogLine, oops i mean downline is:

The person pay you money to work for you hahaha. In reality your pay you to work for him, but for dogline, the person work for you and pays you.

Peaknik said...

Another sad discussion which actually doesn't discredit LB as a product nor DCHL maerketing plan.

Only the pushy way Malaysians like to do business and naive people who don't think critically.

And yes, even Steven Yeam works!
Just like Bill Gates works.
George Soros Works
Warren Buffet works

But you can have a choice.
Are you happy with less money than Gates and scale down on your workload???
I know I will. I like fishing and boating and not going to office Mon-Fri and for the right persons MLM can help with this without lies and scams.
Personally I always get people to use LB first and only then introduce the business. So far 100% have liked the product and have no issue with recommending it to others.

Anonymous said...

Steven Yip
I find you a sad and aggressive character.
Can you please stick to real arguments rather than just emotional rethoric. That would make this site much more valuable.

Anonymous said...

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