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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Updates from Singapore

Will be up after 10th July..

See how they brainwash the people of Singapore..


Anonymous said...

I was suppose to go for that IME thing but last week i just resigned from LB and now waiting for my day to return the stock (Count's stock) but dont want to continue doing this business because i dont want to cheat or con to my other freinds. My direct upline is my friend for almost 10 years but after she joinned. She's a different person now. Whenever we go out for a drinks, all she did was just talk about LB and how she and her direct upline (another friend of mine) plan to approach their new prospects. All these make me sick. I dont know who's fault is this. People in SYN or just my friends own fault? All they see is $$$

Beyonder2000 said...

it's good that you can differentiate the good things from the bad things.

you friend shouldnt be talking about LB or their business to you at all if you are not interested. it's really sad to hear that your friend is selfish about her needs and not on other ppl needs. ur friend never know about the other good things in life. LB is not the only solution to everything in life.


Steven Yip said...

oh why...everything must be after world cup? mind is still zombie like today.

Sorry, but not going to be productive for just today.

Anonymous said...

Dear Beyonder2000,

YUp, i agreed with you on that one but cant fully blame her when ppl SYN keep on brainwash her.

As for me, i know something is very wronged with this business and i stayed away from HLA building to think it properly without those ppl tell me how good the business is. In the end, i stopped going there and you know what... People in SYN put the blamed to another partner (which is not active) and i was so.. what the hell.. hello, the problem is with the way these ppl do business and they just dont want to look at it that way.

Anonymous said...

syn keep on telling the members that its "NORMAL" to have critisisms and they gave false hope that these negativities is due to human flaws or human jeolousies by turning it over to say this shows how successful the biz is. how can it be right to say that the more critisism the better the biz . whata!

jordan said...

jordan here!i got an idea,how bout we gather the power of these 10 nation together to fight this scan?like their biz also got IME,we can also do that,since from h.k,taiwan,india and m'sia also happen a lot of fraud cases.

Anonymous said...

I agreed 100% with "anonymous said... dated 10/7/06 6:58 PM"

During my day with SYN, i heard that with my own ears from my up-upline.


sender of the
"anonymous said... dated 9/7/06 1:36 PM" and
"anonymous said... dated 10/7/06 5:19 PM"

Anonymous said...

the severely brainwashed one(especially uplines) are trained to be cool with the news and critics .They are armed with their own explaination ready to answer the prospects as well as their downlines when negativities strikes!
They do not know how to differentiate whats real and whats not living more to the illusion world then of the reality.

Anonymous said...

hey host
i email to u d but u never reply me
im the previous post anonymous...

TEH POWAH said...

SYN is a cult!

All they do is brainwash their new recruits so that they will give all their money to the uplines!

To them, everyone is a prospect! If you're their friend, after they join SYN, you're nothing more than a prospect!

They'll forget all the years of friendship and abandon you because you tell them "no, thank you!"

Lampe Berger Help said...

Oh my gosh..
What an IME!!

Ni9htl0rd said...

after your post on the IME,

thank god i didn't go.

Anonymous said...

hai,i just knowledege syn on this week.I want to make sure whether this really so good like they say.So i start to find out this information online.But i see many bad comment for this group.Make me very confused..if really so bad,why stil got many people to join and get the sucess?

Ni9htl0rd said...



Anonymous said...

Besides, steven yeam, who else got success in LB?

Anonymous said...

there are people who said they join becoz many ppl give bad com,

and there are people who quit because many ppl give bad com,

can define the word "success"?

in many point of view, even s yeam not consider success,
actually, how many people can be consider success and accepted by everyone?

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