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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hibernation Mode

Please excuse the blogger for the moment.

The blogger is currently on a mission to source for more information on the
current state and affairs of DCHL/SYN/Lampe Berger.

It is to bring you better news and up to date news..

On a sidenote, July's intake into the DCHL/SYN/Lampe Berger sinistry
has dropped drastically... ;)

Sentosa Island didn't do much but just pump up the spirit of the people
in SYN.. and it already sucked about RM 1200 to RM 1500 from each
distributors AND about 5000 (estimated) sinisters attended the so called
"Party of the Century" or rather "parti of the pencuri"

The blogger will come back soon enough to not bore you of waiting.
Please hang in there...


faggot steven yeam said...

RM1200 per person???

and 5000 assholes attended??

that's RM6 million... if steven yeam pocket only 10% of the's already RM600k...

good money man...damn shit cheater..

Anonymous said...

hi wanted to ask... the SYN you were saying, does it stand for SYNERGY. I think my friend is in it.

Steven Yip said...

it's always the same trend...make money from your network...they are willing to die for any motivational or parties thrown.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous above...SYN stands for Steven Yeam Network.

orange88 said...

lolx.. party of pencuri... eeeks, that sucks doesnt it

Anonymous said...

oh... sorry to tell you guys man. i think Steven has move on to another mlm company.. ITs called SYNERGY... my friend is in it as well... confirm kena cheat ....

Dexter said...

While waiting, let me update about them......

Sure their Singapore event will not be successful. As I mentioned before, that event is more to boost and fool the Malaysians' spirit. Singapore's LB sales have long gone. Furthermore, I have informed enough Singaporeans people ahead of their tricks and to caution others.

In a desperate to attempt save themselves, they did the followings:
a) increase the plan's figure so new prospects won't be aware that those "30K" news are refering to this Company and an INCREASE tricked more people to join in June. Now they will suffer from the repercussions. It's the USELESS and OVERPRICED lamps and perfumes that people are avoiding, not the plan.
b) adding more products like cosmetics and already announced that they will add male cosmetics, wines, pens and papers, even mooncakes... This trick will not work either because too many of their LB stocks are still in the hands of their members from the Pay Forward Plan(explain later). Furthermore, diverting to other products will tarnish their image and it wont work for them, unlike Amway or Cosway, which are known as MLM Supermarkets.
c) Using NEW names in their plan to fool the people, like "Pay Forward Plan". All along the LB business is using a pay forward plan. It simply means members have not done any sales yet but pay forward to stock up unsold goods.
d) They will be more relaxed in collecting monies for attending talks. In their recent NDO, the Malays and Indians attended free while the Chinese paid RM100. Good, this is offending all their old members and prospects who paid so much. It's too late for them to give free attendance now.
e) They will use the Amway and Diamond's tricks of inviting people to listen to their talks of successful people, "Don't worry, it's not about business" but end of talk you will know. This trick don't work anymore. The smart people will know it only proved these Companies' are tough, otherwise why use talk to camourflage their business name or MLM ?
f) With no more people being foolish to participate in their pay forward plan, they will ask members to build slow, no need to pay forward to stock up like 12K or 30K. This will not work either as more and more people knows about them, their prospective world gets smaller. LB members are trained to show-off and committed through credit cards expenses, can they survive by going slow ? No, it will not work.

Lets see what other tricks those SINners will come out.

No matter what, we will bring them down. As long as those who are against them CONTINUE to caution others ahead of Lampe Berger, RZ, SYN, DCHL and Menara Kia Peng, they will never come up again.

Lets WORK HARDER to save the world !!

hahahaha said...

"Furthermore, I have informed enough Singaporeans people ahead of their tricks and to caution others." must be some big shots in singapore to be able to do that..probably you are some very influential politicians...


Anonymous said...

SYNERGY is a different concept but its an MLM all the same. However you need to have a huge investment as like a big number of users to purchase your products. I heard the cosmetic products are good. It doesnt pay through recruitment and only through selling of products by collecting PV (points). The almost same concept as Amway or Cosway but SYNERGY focus more on health products. I personally think SYNERGY is a little overpriced, but i think thats how you earn your commissions.

Dexter said...

You don't need to be a big shot to inform others.

Singapore have a very active discussion forum. Just post in every discussion topic beside those about MLM and advise them to caution their friends.

Singaporeans are more intelligent people. They read, they understand, they act.

Anonymous said...

"hahahaha said...

"Furthermore, I have informed enough Singaporeans people ahead of their tricks and to caution others." must be some big shots in singapore to be able to do that..probably you are some very influential politicians...
hahahahahahahahha "

IT doesn't need to be a polictian to warn people dumb fuck.

Ni9htl0rd said...


how's sales for July?

sucks again right?

Anonymous said...

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