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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wrong Perception on Lampe Berger Help

Many people who are pro-SYN/DCHL/Lampe Berger has got my blog wrong.

More or less, they are saying that I label their Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
"business" a scam. Look, what I mean by scam is

1) They unethical way you are running the whole "business" by merely asking
people to join but not to sell. Simple words, you put recruitment as your source
of income, but not selling. (Don't give me the bull of selling dreams and freedom)

2) The many people who got "cheated" in a way that this whole "business" thing
can work. But in actual fact, it is a "business" of recruitment instead of selling.

3) I guess, this blog of mine, and me being a "victim" of this kind of "scam" has
helped many, if not, a whole lot of people to really realize things they might face
from all these SYN/DCHL/Lampe Berger "business"

To me, what I am doing is "noble". ;) I'm helping others to understand MLM
By understanding MLM, one can thus decide whether he/she wants to go ahead
and pursue it as a "business" or "career".

To pro-SYN/DCHL/Lampe Berger peeps. Inevitably, no matter what I write here
your business is still booming, I guess. SYN just held their 7th International
Members Exchange here in Malaysia on the weekend of 7th September 2007.

Congrats goes to many who has garnered success and earn a living out of it.
But for how long?

Mr Anonymous at 12:29am

I totally agreed with you. I were a Marquis before and were promised of many things from my upline. I paid for NDO, IME in Malaysia and last year in Singapore. I even went with them to Club Med, Cherating. At the end I found out from a secret training in Genting that most Marquis don't make money. Look carefully at the Marketing Plan of DCHL. Ask them to explain to you. You don't make money. Don't get yourself brainwash but the WHOHA.

Which is to some extend is true! I've got many people who told me the same as

Some comments extracted for your viewing pleasure
Anonymous 18/09/07

anyhow..i want to interrupt here. if it is a scam, then why it is recognized by our own PM, Pak Lah and arwah Datin Seri Endon was once Ed Pinaud (DCHL product) user? is legally under Direct Sales Act 1993. SYN focuses in network marketing under direct sales.. what's wrong with the Act of Direct Sales 1993?u think Malaysian Law was wrong?
weirdo_ss said...

thank god i didnt join this network . i went to their hq for 2 times went to their NDO conference (which my friend paid the fee for me.... haha poor my little friend) but still i didnt see any business , what i saw is only a system that only ppl that want to be rich not the product . What i hated the most is they give ppl hope . they said mlm is the way of the future wtf can u imagine all things u want to buy u must be a member of a mlm company ? BULLSHIT . I dont think that mlm have a future . BTW , the brainwashing session almost pulled me in but thanks to my nature of laziness and stubborn .cheers
Anonymous said...

dr hari
i'm from malaysia.
i had join this syn company for about 2 weeks as a francisiey
but after attending ime(international member exchange) held on 9th september 2007 at sunway lagoon,malaysia.i felt that i was cheated by this, i don't know what to do?
because there are policeman also involved in this company.
please help me....
i need your advise
contact me at my email
my phone number 017-5807962.thank tou for your concern
I will update later on, on Indonesian Market Review...


ad said...

well said, mlm all the while sells product, thats how money comes in.

if you dont sell product, then the rm30k or 40k worth of product will just sit and rot.

ju said...

in dchl, you can climb the rank by selling products or by finding business partners (note: not recruitment- u cannot recruit & leave. you must always guide * help them as they are part of ur network).
also you can choose not to invest the 33k. only 2.5k and u still can climb the rank-ur upline should tell u the alternatives. this is a business for people to make money, at what level u can afford. nobody should force you.i have made profit and covered half of my investment and i just joined a month ago. i was an anti-mlm, before i know the power of multiplication compared to conventional business. email me at and ill answer ur questions. i wont persuade u to be my biz partner or anything like that. i just want to make things clear. dchl is a professional network company. and SYN has ruined its reputation due to their greediness. and thats why Steady was built. because we still play by the rules and we dont want to be a part of them. never. join dchl under steady, and we'll tell u the true marketing plan. and its not as what u think.government didnt approve our marketing plan for nothing.

"not-in-favor-of-inethical-biz" said...

On the comment by "Anonymous 18/09/07" that says "... if it is a scam, then why it is recognized by our own PM, Pak Lah and arwah Datin Seri Endon was once Ed Pinaud (DCHL product) user?....." - didn't that clearly differentiate between buying/using the product as opposed to recruiting without selling a single product?

MLM per se is legal. DCHL per se is legal. Issue only arises when it comes to SYN.