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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Brutal Approach by Lampe Berger Lady

Wow, I find this e-mail the most serious one in recent months.

Read on how this girl by the name of evi complaints about her brother's
ordeal with his upline by the name of Shannel Lung. (she still in LB?)

I shall post the e-mail here. You guys read and judge...
hi,i don't know write complaining letter to you is it wrong or should be other person, but i really no idea i should tell in lampe berger company that have power to settle problem. let me intro myself..i m a college student.i wrote this e mail for u is for complain about lampe berger brother is a member of D.C.H.L lampe berger for 2 years but he not really want to become a member of D.C.H.L, he has been forced by the another D.C.H.L member call shannel lung from Malaysia, sabah.
Thing happen 2 years ago,the lady said just ask my brother to sign the form as a member using my brother name but she use her own money to buy the product and member fee because she want to get point.My brother just follow want she need and do it for her.
After 1 month, she come and look for my brother and asked for money.My brother so suprise why he need to RM2000++ for the product and the member fee? she said he signed the form mean agree to become a member and take all the product, and my brother just fresh school how come got alot money to pay for it.
The lady said if he don't want to pay for it, she give 2 choices for my brother, 1 is ask 1 guy to hit him or she slap my brother gace in front of alot people to settle it.My brother is a very easy coward person, he want to settle it faster then call many friends borrow money from them to settle it.
before for that he tried to go the lady company to ask for cancel, but she was there and tell the other manager don't let him cancel and must pay for it because she help company earn alot money and company must help her back.
My brother tried to find other brances of lampe berger copmpany and tell them what happen.They said the lady doing business is like that, because they are not the same brance, they can't do anything.
Actually i don't want to write this e mail for you, but same thing happen again with my friend.Please to stop that lady to do the same action to other people.
thank you very much.
Am I now accusing anything on DCHL/Lampe Berger/ Steven Yeam Network?
Nope... Sorry.. It is the real brutal truth e-mail that I receive and it is to tell
other people out there that ALTHOUGH the business helps a lot of people,
but due to some un-ethical "business" people in this Multi Level Marketing
company DCHL/Steven Yeam Network/ RZ Corporation selling mostly Lampe
Berger is really killing the un-aware society.

Those who wants to get into the business, think twice!
Think twice of your later approach and tactics in the business!
Think twice if it is you who are being approached in that kinda situation!


Anti DCHL said...

pure brutality.

u call dat businees ar?
worse than AH longs..

Anonymous said...

lb best

Anonymous said...

I was in Sunway Lagoon yesterday (9.9.07). I saw more than 4000 of people wearing red syn t-shirt there. I could see that they are made from various races (Chinese, Malays and Indian) and of course Chinese in the majority race. The majority of them are very young, probably age group ranging from 20 - 35 years old. Could this suggest that they are doing pretty well?

Anonymous said...

is 8000+ buddy

Anonymous said...

Amway also same, only different approach, LB use fast method suck your money, amway use slow method suck ur money n make u broke. Amway operate same cult. It brainwash method is the best i ever know.

Anonymous said...

Someone post this to the wikipedia.
It needs experts to verify its content. Feel free to discuss about it in the discussion page. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

let me know her phone number so i can arrange people to kill her!

Anonymous said...

Amway sucks! Network 21 (N21) nearly makes my bro in law and my sister in financial difficulties. they still not realize what they are doing until today. I hope all the 'cult' leader cursed to DEATH!

Randy said...

Yeah.. it is BRUTAL!!

If this happen in Amway or other MLM, the company will terminate the distributorship...

This is not Lampe berger, this is gangsterism.

Anonymous said...

my goodness! i faced the similar thing recently when someone very, very close to me*** decided to join and then he asked me for photocopies of my ic and bank acc, said that i'd be reg under him, but needn't pay coz he'll pay for it. but of course i didn't submit to the request, was a bit sceptical though. the worst part - i was accused for being the most unsupportive sister in the world for questioning this thingy, and currently someone is more or less forcing me to go to LB office if i want explanation (yup, then they might use all method to persuade me).
coming across this post made me realise something. thus, my decision is finalised now i.e. i'll not do anything about the persuasion and let it pass.


Anonymous said...


Saya adalah salah seorang Independent Distributor of DCHL, di bawah SYN Network.
Saya dah buat biznes ni sejak hujung bulan April lepas.

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Pada saya, bidang network marketing merupakan salah satu channel terbaik untuk mendapatkan income yang lebih tinggi. Dalam biznes ini juga, saya telah banyak belajar banyak perkara tentang tanggungjawab & tolong menolong serta teamwork.

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Pada saya, kejayaan dalam biznes adalah bergantung kepada sikap kita dalam menguruskan biznes tersebut.

Bagi saya, biznes ini telah menjadi family biznes kerana hampir semua ahli keluarga saya adalah independent distributor (part time & full time).
Rakan2 baik saya juga telah ramai yang berada dalam biznes ini kerana keyakinan mereka sendiri, bukan secara paksaan.

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Terima kasih.

Anonymous said... R&D Executive that can't write in english, u must be real dumb :D

Anonymous said...

Report police for fraud and blackmail. im louis, i can try and help.

shah9472 said...

( R&D Executive that can't write in english, u must be real dumb :D)

i thought is supposed to be a...???so smart

Anonymous said... R&D Executive that can't write in english, u must be real dumb :D

is a la not an..soo smart

Anonymous said...

There was this young kid who bought a brand new sports car, reckless as he was, he sped so quickly down the road he crashed and resulted in death. I could hardly think that it would be right to condemn all other drivers on the roads as reckless too, or would it be right for to condemn the car dealers for selling him the car.

Why is this any different?
So what you are trying to tell everyone is that because this one distributer acted unethically, that the whole business and everyone must be too? One bad egg does not mean the rest is rotten.

Anonymous said...

BULLSHIT!! R&D exec with lotsa incomes dunno how to write in english... that's BULLSHIT and not professional!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said... i knw this girl EVI who is creating story.because i knw these girl in person,she is not like tat,m we do partner for these before...wat i can say,NO SUCH THING

Anonymous said...

wow... i think this girl is a very famous model now. If she;s the same girl in singapore, she's from sabah too... but could it be?

Anonymous said...

I was a member of DCHL LB back in 2004. Well, just an advice.. Not everyone success in this biz.
DCHL use Lampe Beger as the product as MLM. without Lampe Berger, DCHL is just a piramid scheme. :)
There is no right or wrong in MLM system. Is the people who are very desperate.. Make the system screw up.
In simple.. You can make money from MLM system.. But do it in the correct way...
Personally i still prefer traditional business.. Why?
Steven is not the richest person in Lampe berger... In fact boss of the Berger company is... And they are doing traditional business with the help of DCHL and Mr. Steven... :)

A bottle of oil cost RM100+, but with the marketing by DCHL.. It cost RM400+...