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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A CULT in QuestNet?

Wow, there is a "CULT" in QuestNet. I guess, every MLM needs to survive
on this "CULT". What kinda "CULT"? I don't know. Many kinds.

"Worship" their leaders la, "Worship" their top earners la, and more..

An anonymous reader left a insightful comment in our earlier post

Her comments on the outcome of her relationship because of QuestNet
and not only hers but others as well took me a step back to really ask,
"Why on earth we have these kinda people?" I guess maybe that the
term "Ying" and "Yang" must exist everywhere.. Good and Bad..

Read it for yourself and judge the business by yourself..
Like Samantha88, my Ex is also involved in this MLM Biz - OuestNet to be exact. Yeap! He, too, changed from nice guy I once knew to someone I no longer respect. He even accused me for being untrustworthy because I refused to stand by him and join QI! He ended our relationship for another girl because she is also in the Biz but I know too well he is just cheating himself from his own behaviours. Well, I don mind coz the girl is a ... (wild type) and perhaps he deserved a girl like that as he ain't so good himself now!

He even said his family members all 'ganged up' on him because they ADVICED him to leave the Biz which he never did even when the Dato' was arrested! Gosh! How can one even say that about his own family who love him so much?! I really feel sad and sorry for Uncle and Aunty. I tried too but he won't listen to me too. So sorry! I pity him too ....

What scares me the most now is that they use "religious teaching' and quotes from the Bible (no offence to Christianity, please!)to brainwash people!! All religions are GOOD but this is misused of people's faith and i hope good Christians or any religion followers, please oh please stood up and clear your religion's name. These people seem to behave like a CULT now!! In some of their meetings, they call each other brothers and sisters and their 'faith' and trust for their leaders are as strong as one's trust for their preachers, pastors or fathers!

They blamed and accused the media for 'lying' about the arrest of their leaders too! The press can't simply publish without truth! But they are all blinded by all the beautiful promises by their leaders and also the images they've painted in their dream. I even saw many of them quitting their highly paid and stable jobs to do this Biz fulltime. Gee... is it really that different from working with a company? Isn't it the same as these people are also doing the 'selling' and 'recruiting' of people (downlines) for a company too, only that they don't have to go to a office because there isn't any?

Although I am not against MLM and how one gets rich but please do your Biz with good ethics and high morales. I pray that God will help these people see the harm and hurt they have caused to they loved one. May God forgive these cheaters and family breakers. You can dream and make a better future without sacrifying relationships with your family and friends.

If anyone have a solution to help these people, please generously share with us here who desperately trying to 'save' those we love. Thank you in advance.

Like what she said, you've got a solution to help. Share with us!
I've done my part.. YOU?


Anonymous said...

All I could do now is only pass the message around to a wider scope of people & hope it helps a lil...

a place for them to lament & share too and to read a lil bout it.

Hope you don't mind me quoting from your blog!

tom said...

still alive ah this thing!

duke of all dukes said...

alive and kicking. nin na beh.

Steven Yip said...

man...some people don't learn...

wat to do...

Starboykb said...

impressive MLM. Currently growing in brunei the DHCL. HA! Anyway we can still suppress the DHCL stalkers! ^^

Anonymous said...

Definitely true of "CULT" like training by Questnet, IR believe in everything was told by their senior irregardless true or not, e.g. BIODISC