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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lampe Berger in Indonesia

Lampe Berger Help recently received an e-mail from Bram in Indonesia.
Dear sir,
i am sorry to disturb you with this email
My name is Bram, i am an indonesian lives in Jakarta
I read your blog due to my research about the LB business
They do everyone here very intense and i think your blog is very big help for us to be objective
I like to ask if you have any testimonial or story about LB in Indonesia.

Thank You

My Reply


I do not have any Indonesian writing to me about their case.

Maybe you could help me source for some news?
You have any forums or blogs that I can make my presence there?
Is Indonesia facing the same trauma as to Malaysians with LB?


thansk for the respon.
Sorry i have no source about LB in indonesia, thats way i was looking at your site.
As long as i know Indonesia has no trauma yet with LB and i need some experience from others who have experiences on this
Maybe you can share yours to me..?
Any news from Indonesia? So far, I think Lampe Berger and SYN has not
really caused any big hoo-haa in Indonesia. If there is, I'm sure to pick
up something from there as I see, I have Indonesian readers here too.


TurtleWalk said...

Hi I'm from Indo too, and yes one of my friend came to me 2 and forced me to join LB. Well MLM business never really create any controversies in Indo as far as i know.. Plus LB is new here.. dunno about 1.5 years perhaps .. so still low profile la .. but LB has quite a different way. Instead of meeting in mall or other public places, they take us to their office, and there we'll meet a bunch of people who just wouldn't take no for an answer. I had a really2 hard time rejecting them, and they really can make people who rejected this business (or maybe just me) looked really dumb.

"If you really care about your family, you'll join. Unless you still wanna fool around using parent's money ... "

ah well ...


Hi, I'm also from Indonesia. A couple of days ago, a secretary from a client's company pursue me to meet up to "talk about new profitable business". I already suspected that it would be some sort of an MLM scheme business. But too bad i cannot refuse her, since she's the person in charge for the payment of all the bills and invoices coming from my own office.
Afterwards, she showed me all sorts of brochures and LB glass bottles (burner), how it would benefit your health, can cure asthma, infection, flu, infertility (hello?) and other diseases (so many of them i forgot). Can add oxygen to our polluted air and contains ozon for anti aging effect (please). It sounded too good to be true, like a hoax.
She was going to sell me a package of a burner and 1 liter of perfume oil, for around 200-500 USD (yes, in USD). I just smile and said i already had the burner (NOT), so i'll just get the perfume oil. It cost me USD 77. She did asked me to join the chain, telling i could get 20% off all items. She was really persisting in explaining everything, and i think she really believes all BS that she told me, about how LB curing diseases and all.

I just pitied those who really believe in the mumbo jumbo about LB's health benefits. Hey, LB does make your room smells nicer, but that's it.

Anonymous said...

Im from indonesia..1 of my friend came 2 me..and still forcing me to join all the talks..and told me to co me to office as often as possible..that kinda irritates me...and i do not know why the are so proud of taking their parents money to pay up the count investment thing..thats stupid..anyway they are still bugging me till today and im not really sure how to avoid them..any suggestion

lampe berger indonesia said...


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