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Thursday, August 10, 2006


UPDATE 16/08/06

Okay I'm lazy to translate..
Sorry readers..
You could use this >> BABELFISH
to translate la.. :P

What I understand from the article is that, there are many ads lying around
in the newspaper, in the pole, notice boards, magazines and many more
places that ask the question "Want to earn 5000 a month with a home business?"

or anything similar..

These are all acclaimed MULTI LEVEL MARKETING..
The most recent big ONE to reach our shore is HERBALIFE..

Lampe Berger/DCHL/Steven Yeam Network has seen a rather slow business.
I'm guessing alot more people are aware of their dirty and on-going work..
What I just can't stand is the IRRESPONSIBILITY of leaders who say they will
lead you to victory.. but when you just utter the word "quit" they will not
give two fcks about you.. and it happens.. alot of times uncountably..

Speculations would say, LB Help got nothing more to say already...
I got no more news to write about them.. nothing much special and it is just
all the same news again and again.. Don't you think it is bored?
Yea i do think so..

Say, I don't dig out people's news anymore.. but let me dig out more about
my history with Steven Yeam Network people and share with you all..
That would take some time.. cause I want to shoot all out.. not few times.

Till I post again.. say in a week's time.. take care you all.. and don't forget..

E-mail me.. yum char or what also can.. ;)







Full article here at GUANG MING WEBSITE

Full translation in 48 hours. Please wait..
Don't ask why 48 instead of 24 or less than that..
I need to earn build my gold mine reserve.. :P


duke said...

48 hours already. hehehehe... :PPP

Anonymous said...

yeah man... ;P

eh-noh-ni-mers said...

yeah woman... ;P

jeff ooi said...

lampe berger sucks...someone please shoot all the lampe berger distributor...

Lampe Berger Help said...

oh yeah.. thanks fake jeff ooi

Anonymous said...

if you call guang ming you will get more excited info,if you read the next few day new you will see guang ming apologize to LB,because many company copy their way of plan,it cause many negative come out,they still making money when you guy online doing this wasting time stuff,see how fool of you,by the way...i will pray for you guy and you family,cuz you forget to bring brain when born to this world,hahaha, matter how,kasihan lah you guy...muack muack...aleluya...amen..