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Friday, October 13, 2006


Hey friends...

It has been a while since I last updated this blog..
Guess, that I've been busy lately.. Not much time to bother about all
these un-ethical peeps in SYN/DCHL/Lampe Berger anymore but..
My toughts were wrong, this is my third time checking my mail, during
my hibernation period and it just brings more and more furious..

Out of 6 e-mails, 4 are asking for refunds help..

Please Look Up to my previous post
2) Solutions to Re-Funds

All I can say, you can't beat them, be like them.. BE AGGRESSIVE!!
That's the only way to get rid of those un-ethical so called "business"
owners who knows nothing about "R E S P E C T" and "E T H I C A L"

Look at how they were asking for money from their recruit, after the
recruit quit and it was the uplines who were saying, they can cover for
this new recruit, but things turns ugly when the new recruit QUITS..

Read on to know how DCHL/SYN/Lampe Berger educate their people

This is the case of mine : i join LB last year SEPT.. it was a BIG MISTAKE i ever did as i was being frequently pyscho by my upline who is Mr.J and Miss.C . they keep pushing me until one day i cannot tahan and i agreed to join LB. the problem is i told them i had no money, imaging : RM2345 from a college student ( where can they get this huge amount of money, other than borrow from friends or family?) in the end, they ask me to join 1st and they SO CALLED dont mind PAY BACK to them later when i start to earn back.

Sincerely, after i joined.. calls keep coming in, asking me to do this and that, follow up and down, and what so called COME OUT and MEET OUR top earners and know more friends....... i really sick of it as i couldnt cope with my studies since ever after i join LB. my housemate even ask everytime before i go out :" go sell BOMB again ar? " SELL BOMB (i agreed after i regretted for not listening my friends and family advice)

One day after 1 year i keep avoiding my upline cause i really feel very FAN of them... they purposely drove far down to my house and give me a call .

conversation between us :
Mr.J says:" Jxxxx here, i already infront of ur house, u better pay us the remain money, else we going to meet up your parents ! "

I says :" not i dont want to pay, but i dont have so much money at the moment " , " i already SMS to Miss.C said that i will settle the amount by next month. (THE SMS that i sent was this:" I on meeting now. Talk much also no point, u will say i owe u.really REGRET to join LB.Pls stop callin,thanks.Gv me ur bank account number, wil pay u bck by year end.Thanks for making my life miserable.")

Miss.C(was just beside Mr.J) says :" tell him dont SIN KA LAN la, i never receive his SMS !!! "

Mr.J says:" do u want me to tell or meet your parents onot?" (keep repeat)

after a few minutes, i send a SMS telling them to give me their Bank Acc number so that i can bank in the money to them. and a SMS replied by them : " Maybank xxxx-xxxx-xxxx(Cxxxxx Lx Kxxx). bank in RM2000 by MONDAY, else i will take action! "

that time i was at outstation. The night when i bck and i check my house letter box. this is the paper i found ....................not just 1, but 2 paper for each letter box, not just that and also in 2 version of language.. WOW =.= i guess they are really desperate for getting back money in such a AH LONG ways.

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Anonymous said...

I hope their business stops completely one day.

Anonymous said...

Owing money is not a criminal wrong. However, threaten people in Ah Long way is a criminal wrong and you could make a police report. Besides, if they willingly give you that money in order for you to join, this means that you do not owed them any money. In order for them to make you paying them any money, if they asked me, I will ask you:
1. Did you receive any money from them directly? If you didn't, then why should you pay them?
2. Did they give you any benefits? If you think there is nothing beneficial that you received, then NO need to repay them.

Tell your parents what happened, even though they informed your parents, don't be worry. Worst come to worst, launch a police report or apply a habeus corpus from court in order to forbid them getting anywhere near to you and your family. You could go to Biro Bantuan Guaman for this so that there is no need for you to pay any legal fee.

The morale of the story is if you insisted NOT to pay, what could they do to you? Do you think they will kill you? Or do you think they will hire a lawyer to sue you in court? (I doubted they will dare to do any criminal wrong against you and I also do not think they have any money to hire a lawyer to sue you.)

Lampe Berger Help said...

anonymous 1,

Yes, i do hope so too..
Just a matter of time..

Anonymous 2,

Well, what you said is right..
If it was their first willing to lend you the money, then there is no way why should you pay them back...

Allan Gan said...

If I'm you, I will go MCA and publish this letter and call all media come. Tell them the new wave of ah long. I also got a friend in lb having this case but she is the ah long ler. moral of the story: stay away from LB

Lampe Berger Help said...

she is the ah long?

whoa damn kau lat...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope the damn biz stops now so not to con anyone else... in my case, my ex- bf conned me to invest rm30k and later dumped me for another ugly chic...

The best thing, he never admits dating the new gf until he had some favours to ask me.

He cheated everything i had - money,love,feelings and trust...

Anonymous said...

The business isn't slowing down but keep spreading, I just attended a group discussion of LB last night in their HQ at HLA. I found out many there are youngsters like me..and many² Chinese, and in one corner of the floor there's a big group of Malays and so they all fresh grads and I think many of them still are students who are chased by loan sharks a.k.a (their members or families). Why not if you dare (ownerof LampeBergerhelp), to give a talk to the newbie at the very menara HLA and in front of them about the very truth about the SYNners and the pencuri. If you dare, I will follow you and of course with owner of antilampberger.

Anonymous said...

hmm. as a lampe berger partner as me, i feel pity to ur upline. thats true they shud ask u pay back the money, u tot they so easy build their network and their business ? have u ever think that ? u know how dissapointed for an upline when their downline quit up ? have u ever think u quit cos of wat u mention in the blog ? or the attitude u did ? i think u shud be know 1 sentence lb ppl always said, in lb no ppl will fail only they give up. well, u give up in lb, in other word i don think u will success how longer in ur life with other work or business. blaming is a good way to solve problem ? u know u will make how many ppl lose the chance ? i guess u wont know even u have been joined lb. thats y feel sad to ur upline.

Anonymous said...

i agree of u ..i will join u too,,,

Anonymous said...

hmm. as a lampe berger partner as me, i feel pity to ur upline. thats true they shud ask u pay back the money, u tot they so easy build their network and their business ? have u ever think that ? u know how dissapointed for an upline when their downline quit up ? have u ever think u quit cos of wat u mention in the blog ? or the attitude u did ? i think u shud be know 1 sentence lb ppl always said, in lb no ppl will fail only they give up. well, u give up in lb, in other word i don think u will success how longer in ur life with other work or business. blaming is a good way to solve problem ? u know u will make how many ppl lose the chance ? i guess u wont know even u have been joined lb. thats y feel sad to ur upline.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

anonymous 30/11/06 1:08 AM,

It is not the matter one have failed in lb or not. But, the fact is, lb is not an ethical network system. I've joined MLM for years. But, I see lb network system is not focusing on their product which is not in MLM thumb-rule as their leader who assist me in their discussion, emphasis more on their network not their product. that's is so false. I've noticed it at the very first time he/she (many leader explained to me that night!) explained. So, that's is so not MLM. that is skim cepat kaya. You go up fast, definitely you will go down fast, one day. Because you play dirty, man!

-anonymous 29/11/06 7:33 PM -

Anonymous said...

anonynmous 30/11/06 1:13 AM,

You Agree with who?

-anonymous 29/11/06 7:33 PM -

Anonymous said...

Erm...,well there are so many posts regarding lampe berger.Actually i've joined tis LB is jus bcoz of my fren joined it.Well,in my mind, i am in the middle of the both party which means anti-LB and support LB. I'm not so sure who is right and who is wrg. I've paid only RM 2345 for the franchisee.After few days, they were trying to convince me to upgrade to Baron (29%) which i have to pay RM 9000 (11250 x 20%)so tht i able easy to get fast income instead of 20%.I was thinking WTF... RM 9000 man...I really do not hv tht much but they ask me to boro frm fren, relatives and so on. but somehow i do not care abt it.Since i've join it i'll start on franchisee. If those do think tht suitable for them, go ahead if they don't, nvm...RM2345 is kinda alot but i jus wonder if they wish us to upgrade faster to baron y they can't boro money to me ? So i ned to know is it MLM is a bad business OR only LB and Bel-Air not good ? How abt the others like herbal life, amway and so on, r they bad as well?

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 30/11/06 6:48 PM,

MLM is a good part time job for those who are not satisfy with their current salary (maybe), but a way, it is a part time job, maybe just a hobby I guess. Never did a MLM business is dark side of business. No, I myself proudly admit as a MLMers. I joined many of MLMs including infamous one, Luxor, Amway, CNI..blablbla..I like meeting with people. I like selling products, I even sell women pad! But LB is not the right way to do MLM. It is MLM for sure, but nevertheless, it's unethical. It abuses the pyramid scheme to generate money. If you want to invest money to make money, just be a broker or something else. Don't use other people just to make money. Maybe the downside of the LB is about moral. Maybe they don't care about moral in business. What they see is just money, money, money.

-anonymous 29/11/06 7:33 PM -

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Im one from Sarawak. Ive been introduced by a close friend about this SYN. Honestly, I despise those who do MLM or what u called as "direct-sell". NOt that i dont believe. Its just that i will only try a bit before im convinced its good for my health. However, once u become a dietician, and a beautician; life simply just as easy as eating everything to be healthy. Its eating the RIGHT thing for your RIGHT body condition. Everyone's body condition is different.

Anyway, after attending the seminar twice, i still not convinced with SYN. They gave me a golden pin of SYN. THen, i still dont convinced. Even they belanja me eat lunch, i also not convinced. I just felt there is something wrong.

However, i did not regret going to their seminars (Rm20 all together for 2 days) pretty cheap to see how people can do bad scheme and how they motivate others.

I am never a member and will never be a member. I thank my father who taught me to be strict. Thanks my uncle and aunties who taught me to be wise. To those of you who want to retreat (i said please do so).

oh, speaking about that Rm2k plus (i think near Rm3k liao). I was never there. Couldnt be there because im just a poor, broke gal but YET im someone who is honest, pride and earn my living in DECENT ways.

Anonymous said...

I joined LB june this year, was told by a friend who claimed he is earning more than RM10k per month, he ever went to my place to talk to my parents asked them to pay for me. (Cos I just started working this year and dun really have much saving).
well, i am not from very rich family like my upline....but since my parents get RM2K+ for TOTO, so their pay RM2500 for me to join LB.
I was stupid enough to believe this so called "friend". He keeps on telling me to bring more friends and ever wanted to ask my others family member to join LB.
None of my family member wanted to join cos I already joined and the promised return was not showing up yet.
Guess what my upline did? (Cos i am not staying with my parents now) He went to my parents place and tell them all the lies and make up storey.....(he think i do not call or go home if i am free).
I think this is the price to pay to know what a friendship for? A small amount like RM 2500 can show all the true colour of all people!
Last week, i told my upline (my so called friend), i want to withdraw. He sent back some every rude sms and told me, i must send the withdraw letter and all the unsell product before a fixed date to the DCHL HQ, if not, no single cent i will get from LB.
Well, I think i do not really care about the money now, I just want to stop all the stupid nonsense. Since the given deadline already over and wanted to say sorry to my parents.
Conclusion: a true friend won't never trick you into a trap.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i am an ex LB member but i never actually start introduce the item to any of my friend because i see so many dark side in LB after i join.

Before u join say so many good things.... After u join u see them showing their true tail color...

Keep on pressure u to get people..
People going to die of cancer also don't let go. Insist of them trying LB. He will get better.. Huh!! when did LB become a Saviour for cancer.

Everytime tell u about life..
Talk cock sing song only..
Dress like a prof & Lie to people how much they earn but actually struggling to earn a living.

if u ever join LB. you will see the true color of these people who so call your FRIEND!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did all the bloggers and commenter in this blog or others didn't make any report to Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna about DCHL or RZ that can advise them a proper way to claim back your goods. As far as I know, they have customer tribunal in order to discuss cases like this. I've been go through various blog and website pertaining anti Lampe Berger and I think this comment has almost already 1 year. Since then no action has been taken to DCHL, RZ or SYN itself. There are expanding their network everywhere and getting stronger and stronger. DCHL also has been focused by Malaysian Business Magazine in January 2007 as the most watch sector to be growing this year. If they all are really scam, would they have an opportunity to be in Malaysian Business. Can somebody please answer my question?

Anonymous said...

i join LB last far my upline did a great job.MLM is good system but SYN group should understand that money not easy to find,pls keep your word , SYN member or group or MR STEVEN YOU KNOW WHAT GOIN ON THERE ,IF NO ACTION MAY BE U LOSE YOUR $$$$ TOO ,ALL YOU MAN corn poor man mean MAN WITH NO BALLS.

Anonymous said...